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Does anyone read manga / watch anime?
If so then which are your favourites?:D

Make room!

Gooosh, this song is AMAZING! Just can't get it out of my head just like the whole CW album :D
I just started coming here and reading your posts and I saw that a vast majority of them are based on sad happenings, full of sorrow, regrets and pain. People come here for some kind of 'redemption', to hear a good advice, to pour their hearts out and to find some solace.

Believe and have HOPE.

I wanna have a simple tattoo with a special meaning. It is going to be one word "hope" which means to me a lot, on the right sight of my ribs. Cause sometimes hope is all I have. And sometimes it keeps me going on and on, again and again, doing my best. When my mom got sick (cancer) I was blaming myself for different things but now she is okay, alive and well. And I was hoping for that. We were all hoping for that so that gave her strength as well. That's why HOPE is so meaningful and I want to always remember about that.


I am getting older and I still love My Chemical Romance's both music and band that creates it. They introduced me to the world I'd never known. I am so thankful for each and every song that it is even hard to express. I still remember when I managed to be on their performance here, in Poland, in Warsaw. When guys started to play all those songs that I knew so well, when Gerard started to sing - I cried. There were emotions that came out of me. That was my happiness. One of the best experiences in my life.