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School advice-ish-thing :b

Hey hey!!

Just some pointers (I guess) to freshman coming into high school or if you're new to school!

Don't be afraid! There's gonna be at LEAST one person who you'll be best friends with!!

Don't be intimidated! Yeah, school can be a scary place at first, but trust me, it gets easier and you'll find kids you like to hang around and you can learn how to enjoy your "journeys" there :)

Relationships: They don't really last in high school, granted SOME do yeah, (one of my brother's best friends have been dating since junior year and now their graduating college together :)) but sometimes it's

It's my birthdayyy :D

Hey hey!!

So it's my birthday, the big 16 :)

And I was wandering on the internet and decided to look up my birthday and what it means, so here's a website that I used, it's kinda fun :b

Look up your birthday and see if it's like you :b

Be Creative, Be Dangerous


Hey hey!

Well I've been reading a lot of quotes from the members of My Chem today, and I was just thinking to myself, "See? If people actually read into MCR they wouldn't think they're some emo band that promote self harm."

The truth is that they save kids like us from stuff like that. They tell us about the real world because sooner or later we're gonna have to deal with it! They make music about preventing self harm, love, death, missing someone, adventure, and more because they've experienced it.

Bottom line is, they truly are beautiful people, and I couldn't give a lesser shit about

Tornado in NY??

Hey hey!

So yeah, a freaking tornado in NY where a lot of my family lives! It's not everyday you see a tornado (unless you live in tornado alley which in that case it must be pretty frequent in season :b)

So apparently, my uncle has this sort of sixth sense when he feels something bad is going to happen. So he told his kids (my two cousins who are 8 and 10) twice about where to go and what to do if a bad storm comes. My other cousin, who is 17, was babysitting them when the storm came.


Hey hey!

I haven't posted a blog for a few weeks D: I've been out of state like every other week. And I'm gonna be heading to my aunt's house in Boston next week -___- so again, no computer. BLAH. But I figure I would post a few blogs this week to make up for lost ones :)

Just an info blog :)

I'll post a few blogs later, I should probably start reading my book I need to read for my AP class. RAH.

Be Creative, Be Dangerous


Hey hey

Um. I don't mean to sound whiny, but I'm not feeling too upbeat right now. I'm dealing with a lot of crap. From bad friends and family bashing me and my best friend about what music we listen to, to what kind of hairstyles we plan on getting, it's just not making me feel so good. What I've been doing, and have done for a while, is turn to music. But some of my family harp on me about how I'm always listening to music. What they don't really see is that I'm in a better mood when I listen to music. I love my family, I do, but they don't really understand how music can effect me.

Prejudice is just ignorance

Warning, this is a rant, but HOPEFULLY someone will feel the same way...

Prejudice annoys the crap out of me. Practically everyone at my school judges people before they get to know them. And practically every. single. girl. is so generic and looks like a copy of one another is disgusting. I was having this conversation with my best friend, Kiersten, and she and I both agree being different is one of the best things in the world. It's so you can stand out and be you, not just another copy. I'm not hipster, I just like different things.

New Here

Well hi there :b

I'm new to the awesome world of blogging just wanted to get my name out there :)

A quick little story about what happened to me yesterday!

I was at the mall with my friend, who I have turned into a Killjoy (SUCCESS :b ), and we went into Hot Topic just to look around, see if we could find any good headphones or some merch for Drake or some other rapper and alas!! We came across My Chemical Romance bracelets that read "MCR is running out of sh*t to say on rubber bands". We both were not expecting to find any merchandise like that for My Chem, so we freaked and bought the