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TO EVERY ENEMY's picture apparently I've written 20 songs in total O___O

That's about two albums....JESUS CHRIST O___O Well then....
Anyway what's really cool about that is that now I'm going to organize my favorite songs I've written, revise the songs, and put them into an album. Just select about ten or twelve of the songs and try to fit them in a way that they work together and aren't just a mish mash of music :) Well, here's all the titles of the songs I've written, just for fun :3

Buried Alive
But I Don't Really Mind
Decisions, Decisions
Legion of the Hunted
Lincoln's Assassination
Paranoia of an Empire
October Breakups
Oh, Jonah, How Brave You Were
Poison Doesn't Talk Back
You Failed Your Last Second Chance
Media and it's Society
Daily Routine
Bad Memories
Only Bullets to my Name
The Fall of Man
The Logistics of Living
World Block
You and Your Teenage Lies


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SONG! I am on a roll! This one has a title: Oh Jonah how brave you were

Okay, Jonah is my favorite boy name and one of my favorite stories in the bible. This song is kinda religious, but more in the way that Bulletproof Heart, or Playing God, where it only mentions God fleetingly. (Bulletproof Heart: Tell the truth and God will save you) (Playing God: If God's the game that you're playing then we must get more acquainted.)
Anyway here's the song, tell me how you like it and pweeez give me feedback :3 suggestions? Ideas? Lines I should cut or change? I'M NOT THAT GOOD AT THIS GIVE ME HELP PEOPLE!

Oh Jonah
Why couldn't you listen
To simple direction
You had to have a mind of your own
How could
You even think to stand up for yourself
You're crazy and you need help
To understand how life works

The big guys always take the lead
While the little ones grovel at their feet
This world may be big but the people are small
And the strong, the popular
Are the last ones to fall
I've lost all perspective and I'm getting weak

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Okay..well I broke up with my boyfriend and I now have written another song :P

Okay well...yeah the title explains my day pretty much. So productive T____T :( But yeah I won't talk much about my boyfriend...he didn't take it extremely well but in the beginning I was fine but by the end of the day I wanted to curl into a ball and die. Then my friend Taylor's (the girl my now ex boyfriend kissed) ex boyfriend called Taylor a lying whore and I called Cody (her ex boyfriend) an ass hole. He thought that Taylor had kissed Matthew when really it was the other way around, and the reason she lied about not liking Matthew was to protect me but yeah....then I made Cody apologize. ANYWAY! Here's the song. It's about what would happen if my (ex) boyfriend joined the army like he said he would if he left high school without anything to leave yeah this is kinda based off that. I've rambled enough HERE'S THE SOUND!

I cry wordlessly, silently
Waiting by the door
And right outside are the sounds of war
I tried to convince you
That what you did was alright

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Okay well...wrote another song...oh and I'm breaking up with my boyfriend today :/

So the title pretty much explains my day. I'm still at my house about to leave for school, but I just wrote a song two seconds ago (like always) and its about how my (soon to be ex) boyfriend kissed my best friend and so now, instead of just letting that happen like he would expect me to, I'm standing up for myself and am dumping his ass. So yeah there's that, hope you like the song :P HELP ME WITH EDITS AND A TITLE AND IDEAS PLEASE!)

I know you wont believe me when I say
I thought you didn't love me anyway
But now my suspicions were confirmed
And you're one more lesson I'll never learn.
You treated me right
Forever and always
But when thinks went wrong
When they started going my way
You took a turn
And it was for the worse
And I'm surprised to feel that
It doesn't really hurt.

You could've just told me instead of lied
You could've just said it, to keep my feelings in mind
But you thought I was heartless
Well I guess I am
So I'll run, and I'll run

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The reason I love Rock/ Alternative bands is because their lyrics actually MEAN something. This song is pretty much the anthem to my life.
I can't make my own decisions
Or make any width precision
Well maybe you should tell me off
So I don't go where you don't want me
You say that I've changing
That I'm not just simply aging
Now how could that be logical?
Just keep on cramming ideas down my throat.

Perfect <3

This one is based off my life, something that I just found out about. But yeah....wrote this two seconds ago. I'm in world history right now. So...yeah. Help me out with edits, title, ideas, etc. THANK YOU FOR ANY HELP YOU GIVE:

How could you say you were sorry
When the facts are right in front of me
You don't want me, not anymore, I get it
Instead of actions you could have at least said it out loud
But you can't
And you won't
Ever admit to your wrongs
But you can't
And you won't
'cause we've been hanging on too long

Why did you lead me
Oh why did you lead me on
How could you stand it
Lying to my face and
Doing nothing while I point out my flaws
You aren't the same
And neither am I
So I'll cross my heart
And hope to die

You said it was ended
That it was the past
But you kept on lying
When you said we would totally last
You were trying to hold on
To every little thing
And I wanted some space
How couldn't you see that?

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Fucking mother fucking fuck. I'm about to slap some bitches and homophobes.

The worst part is that the homophobes are my friends parents. My friend, Taylor, is bisexual like me. We had a thing a while back, when we both were in a tough period in our lives, and now we are just friends. However, we did have a thing and its still means something (a lot) to me.
But anyway, why I'm going to slap her homophobic parents. Taylor was texting me and she told me: I fucking hate homophobes. and I said: I know the feeling. What happened :(
And she told me that her dad was watching the election shit and she said: I don't care anymore who wins, one won't have abortion made illegal and one doesn't support gay rights. her dad responded: and what you do? and she shook her head yes and she said: what are you going to judge me now?
And he said: its just not right.So she throws in: Am I not right then? Do you not remember Mim---

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A bunch of random stuff and MCR pictures

Okay so this is a totally random blog, but I'm in my theology class right now and I don't really care about whatever they're talking about so I'm doing this. First of all: I'm still after that guitar, determined as ever. I REALLY friggen want her <3 If I get her, this is a list of names I might name her:
or Lynne


Another thing is we had standardized testing today. It SUCKED. We of course had to take the tests for my worst subjects, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics. I literally guessed on all of them, I didn't even read half of the questions. I think standardized (another name for them is PLACEMENT) tests are pointless and stupid. They just want to rank the students, unfairly. They put information on the tests that some students haven't even learned in the classes their taking RIGHT NOW which I find really friggen stupid.

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Okay yay another song! WOO! you all must be getting sick of this...

So again, like every other song I put on here, I wrote this about two seconds ago. I don't know what I'm gonna call it yet, but if you could help me think of a name I'd give you a cookie and love you forever. Helpz me with edits and ideas and such :3 That'd be great, AND HERE IS THE SONG IN QUESTION!:

This society has been way to quiet
Now that we know who's been behind it all
And we can find someone to blame
So he can bathe in all the fame
Why let him live in his glory
Just so the tabloids get a good story?

Just, just stand tall
And don't ever let them

When did you get so complicated
And when did being me become outdated
Cause I don't really care what they think
Just as long as you refuse to fucking sink.

So you want to fit in with the crowd
Well is having fun ever allowed?
You can pretend but we all know
That being popular is just so---

When did you get so complicated
And when did being me become outdated

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Most amazing feeling....ever

It is now my life goal to learn to play guitar. I'm not even fucking kidding. I can play a couple chords, sure, but I'm not great at it. And after today, I sure as FUCK am learning to play as well as I can.

I was at this music store today, because my little sister Anna had clarinet lessons. When my mom, Anna, and I walked in, my mom went to go read a book in the waiting area while Anna went into the lesson room with her teacher, and I by instinct went straight for the pianos. There was a new cherry wood baby grand piano, that I absolutely drooled over and I played that for a while before I ran out of songs that I knew by heart. I looked across the room, and I saw one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen hanging on the wall.