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Today has been both an amazing and sucky day

Reasons why today was amazing: I kissed Taylor in the middle of a Catholic school hallway behind a binder. Fuck yeah. I was extremely hyper practically the whole day for no fucking reason. I got to skip math to go bowling. IT FUCKING SNOWED ON SUNDAY, so there was snow on the ground :3 I have a new found love for the song Party Poison from the Danger Days album. I used to not like it that much, but now...dear Jesus its one of my favorites. I found out that there's a medication you can take for trypanophobia (enormous fear of needles) so that made my tattoo ideas a little more realistic :P. I got to write a story based off X-Men and super powers for my religion class.

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I kissed her!

I finally kissed her! I kissed Taylor! It wasn't anything big or fantastic, just a little peck on the corner of the mouth, but was awesome. The funny thing? I kissed her in the middle of the hallway. I just held up my binder so the teachers wouldn't see us, and just....pecked the corner of her mouth. heart was like....spazzing out and it was.....WAAAH! Okay I'm freaking out a little bit right now :3 But in the good way....Alright! That's all I had to say! Just had to spazz out a little bit :3 I FINALLY FUCKING KISSED TAYLOR (who is actually IMISSYOUSOFAR so... :D)
LOVE YOU ALL HAVE A FANTASTIC FUCKIN DAY! :D (And sorry for the total stereotypical teenage blog/freak out)

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Just a big rant thing...yeah :P

So this blog is just gonna be a big, pain-in-the-ass rant about pretty much just everything going through my head right now, so be prepared for random.
First of all, am I the only one on here who fucking LOVES jazz music? I know its weird with the mix of musical tastes. I mean, I love all types of music, musicals, punk, rock, alternative, jazz, some classical, acoustic, etc. (not rap or country. REALLY not rap or country. No offense to anyone who likes those genres just....uuuuggghhh....) But I was just wondering, anyone on here like jazz? I mean Dean Martin bitches. Fucking amazing.
Oh and yesterday I got a Misfits key chain with the Fiend on it. My sister bought it for me :D it was fucking awesome! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I've literally been wearing it on my belt loop. On my pants. As an accessory or some shit I don't know xP

Her voice....Gaaah. I know its kinda 'shaky' but I just can't help but admire how amazing it is. How REAL it is. She's amazingly talented.

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We're Not losers, we're just slow winners

If you couldn't tell by now, I love....LOVE LOVE LOVE photography. LOVE IT SO MUCH. And So I took these pictures originally based off the song Sunsets Are For Muggings by LeATHERMOUTH, but then I saw the picture of the I'm Not Okay video where the band is covered in blood and it says in the caption: We're not losers. we're just slow winners.
So I edited these pictures a little more and made these for the MCRmy.
Remember: We're not losers....
We're just slow winners

So people seem to be expressing a lot of confusion over Danny the Streets (Gerard's) song. Yes, the person singing this song is Gerard Way. But there is the thing with his tweet that said: Fuckit Zero Zero by DannyTheStreet
DannyTheStreet is (I think. This is internet information so I'm not sure its correct, I'm not the information Jesus or whatever...) a fictional character made up by Grant Morrison (Gerard's friend/comic book writer).
The reference to DannyTheStreet could either be that it is just Gerard's username on soundcloud, where he shared the song, or perhaps Gerard is doing a side project with the stage name of DannyTheStreet. Who the fuck knows. But we should all just congratulate DannyTheStreet/Gerard/Whatever the fuck you want to call this extremely talented musician on writing/creating such a great song. I don't know, I personally like it, but yeah....whatever.

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Blog number 2, my dads gone. again. and an awesome song by oasis.

Okay, blog number two. Sorry :P Well, its exactly what the title says. My dad is gone. Again. On yet another business trip.....just....Jesus Christ. Sometimes I literally feel like I have no dad. I mean, when I was seven, I felt what it was like to have virtually no parents for about six months, with my dad in the hospital recovering, and my mom of course staying with him. I lived with my babysitter and my grandparents for those months, and I just kept worrying that I'd never get to see my dad again.
Now, I never see my dad CONSTANTLY because he's too busy with work and traveling. So now, I can't help but be pissed at him a lot....
Every time he tries to spend time with me, I push him away, trying to get back at him. Kinda like a kid going, "Hey, hey, heyheyhey...yeah, how does it feel now? Isn't so fun now is it? Not when its being done to you!"

So that was a really long title, but anyway, I'm going to be posting two different blogs, considering the two things I want to talk about are totally different. First off, about 6 months ago, two girls went missing. They were from my home town, but they were living just about an hour away when they went missing. One girl was 11, the other was 9.
The girls were just riding their bikes, and then they simply didn't come back. The families were searching frantically the past 6 months, just wanting their daughters to come home....
The two girls remains were found today. Yes, remains of their dead bodies. They have to test a couple more times so their absolutely sure that its the two girls, but at the moment, they're almost positive that the remains found are the two girls.

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I want to be inspiring, but I'm just me :/

So me and my friend Taylor (IMISSYOUSOFAR) were having a small little argument banter thing about whether or not I'd be inspiring if I was a front woman. The thing that I keep saying is that no one would really listen to a 5'1", annoying, hyper active, unattractive, not-that-talented girl from No-Wheres-ville.
I just don't think I'd really inspire anyone because who would really bother to listen?
I WANT to inspire people. Motivate them to be themselves, I want to help pick people up when the feel down, I want to let other kids like me know that they have someone to turn to, someone who understands them. But I just.....I don't know. I just don't feel like I'm the kind of person who would, like I said, inspire people.....meh. I have so much I want to say to the world, so much I want to say to the other kids who feel hopeless, but....yeah. I've said it once.
I'm not an inspirational person.

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Left early from school here's an awesome song :3

So if you read my really stupid and whiny blog(s) yesterday, you'll know that I was sick....Well, my mom made me get up and go to school this morning and she said "Just give it a try!" So I did. And I came home early cause I could just NOT TAKE IT. I literally had a coughing fit on my way to Honors English and my teacher was like: Are you dying? O-O and she let me go to the nurse. And my mom came to get me. And I napped for 2 hours. THANK THE LORD FOR UNINTERRUPTED NAP TIME!
Anyway, since I'm home sick and my dad is working and my mom is in the basement talking to her sister about more family crisis/drama, I'm on here and listening to music. And I decided to share this awesome music to all of you :D its by Say Anything, called In Defense of the Genre, and I just fucking love it :D