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TO EVERY ENEMY's picture apparently now I'm a bandmate in MCR. Wtf!?

Okay, last night I was really bored so I was just looking up random articles about MCR to pass the time. Then I come across this: My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way Releases Gritty Solo Track as Danny The Street. I was like: Oh, yeah I know about that I blogged about it on Zero Zero, it was a great song.
So I read the article...and it fucking QUOTED ME IN IT! It used MY BLOG as a reference! And it referred to me as a BANDMATE! See, okay, check this out:

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Okay, I'm getting a little obsessed with the 70's/80's Punk Scene.

It's just so INTERESTING! The fashion, the people, the fucking MUSIC! The MUSIC IS SO GOOD! The Sex Pistols, the Clash, the Ramones, Business, Minor Threat, Discharge, the Misfits, Oxymoron, Cockney Rejects,SO MANY GOOD BANDS! I just LOVE it! I sometimes seriously think I was born into the wrong time period. I really just fucking love the 70's and 80's punk scene. Everything about it is awesome.

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Today is really not my day.

Still don't feel good
Didn't get my late work turned in for French and we have a (surprise!) quiz today that I didn't study for so I'll be ending the semester with a C- or worse.
Didn't finish all my late math work
Had tons of caffeine and now I can't sit still.
Even with the caffeine I feel tired as fuck.
On my way back from lunch, my sister pushed me and I spilt my coffee all over my pants and down the hallway.
Got made fun of for it.
Got barely any sleep last night
Haven't had barely anything to eat today.
Have a bowling meet that I'm almost positive I'm gonna fail at.
I have a headache of LACK of caffeine, even though I'm sure if I had any more I'd die.
I just want to sleep. Or go home. Or SOMETHING.
My parents are going out of town for the weekend and I have the whole liquor cabinet practically calling my name.
I can't think straight as you can probably tell because of my confusing list of issues.
It's gonna be a long weekend.

So, I came home from school early today feeling like crap so now I'm home alone cause my mom had to run errands and such. I'm listening to Attention Reader (I Am a Graveyard) by Pencey Prep. Its a real shame that this song isn't on Heartbreak in Stereo. Seriously. Its such a good song. And I'm SUPER PISSED its not on iTunes cause I really want it on my iPod...bleh.
In other news, I've started reading the book The Catcher in the Rye and I already love it. Holden is amazing and easy to connect with. The plot line and point of view are intriguing and I have a feeling that if I keep reading like I am now, I'll have the book finished by the end of the day. I read fast xP

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I feel like crap.

My back hurts so bad. No, seriously, SO FUCKING BAD. I just want to curl up in a ball and die because I just feel so fucking sick. My stomach hurts, my head hurts, my back hurts, my neck hurts, my lungs hurt, EVERYTHING hurts. I'm still going to school though. In fact, right now I'm in English class listening to Kiss the Ring and 'revising' my assignment.
Its really times like these when I'm sick when I just feel seriously worthless. I don't know what it is about the physical effects of being sick, but when I'm sick I just feel like scum of the Earth. Like I don't matter, like I'm worthless. It's not a good feeling. I just want to be totally healthy for once. Not half healthy where I feel okay but am not quite there, no so-so where I would rather be in bed rather than anywhere else, not like total shit where I just want to curl up in a ball and die. I want to be FULL ON HEALTHY. Healthy and HAPPY. That to much to ask? Seriously?

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Re-found love for Green Day

I used to have a major obsession with Green Day.
That obsession has returned.

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And here I am being the loser in the back of the classroom

I'm in science. Bored as hell. About to go to lunch.
I'm tired.
Don't want to do my science lab.
That is all.

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holy shit it just gets better and better

I'm seriously laughing like a maniac right now because I'm just SO FUCKING HAPPY! This is what My Chemical Romance does to me. They just make me happy to be alive. To hear the music, to FEEL the music. It's making me laugh and smile and freak out and dance in my chair and my sister thinks I'm demented but I don't even care!

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Holy mother of God I can't even jfkdlsa;jfiesajfklds;jfksd;ajfieasjfs SO GOOD


It was the WEIRDEST THING EVER. Last night at the dinner table, my dad still in his suit and tie, barely making eye contact with me, and me being pissed at him for...I don't even know, my dad randomly asked me: What's your dream job? Before, we were talking about goals. My dad is forcing me and the rest of my siblings to write an organized and descriptive list of all we plan to accomplish in 2013, as well as a couple long term goals that we hope to accomplish in about 10 years time. He told us about it like we were his clients, and I silently seethed as he talked, but then out of the blue he just asked: What is your dream job? Directly at me. Not at any of my other siblings (though it was just my dad, my mom, and my little sister and I that night. My older brother and sister were out.)