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Practice makes perfect, yeah?

I got a 50 pack of new markers yesterday and tried them out :3 Now, I'm no artist. Not at all. But I love art with a strong passion (I really love comic books), and I want to get better at it. So I did a drawing of some drawings. They're all Gerard Way's and Gabriel Ba's creations, such as the Rumor (only it's just her mouth), the Kraken (a really horrible sketch that started with a bunch of random lines and it turned into that), and Spaceboy (who I will upload in a second.) The other sketch, the one on the top, is referenced from a sketch Gerard did for a fan. I can't remember where I found it. I think something called fuckyeahgerardway or something? I don't know :P But I'm calling her The Vamp-Monroe, cause she looks like a vampire version of the lovely Marilyn Monroe :3 Oh, and the dialogues mine (well, besides the 'I heard a rumor...'). I just made some shit up that I could put in the speech bubbles I made :P But yeah.

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So raw it almost hurts.

I have never seen my chemical romance live, unfortunately, but from the live performances I've watched, this has to be one of the best of this song.
I cry every fucking time I watch it.
Maybe its the way the video looks, or the crowd singing back to Gerard, or maybe its just the song itself (even the recorded version gives me chills), I don't know. I just love it.

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This interview made me laugh so freaking hard it's not even funny xD

Just...just watch it. Omygod xD

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Our fan base

When I first started listening to My Chemical Romance, I did not know anything of the different fandoms, the band members, the MCRmy, or any of it. I just listened to their music, and that was enough. Eventually, I looked up their music videos and became more interested. I researched the band more, found out the names of the members, where they were from, what they stood for, everything I was interested to know about them. I got more and more involved with the band. I knew every fucking lyric to every single song, I knew the story line to each album, I knew the most random little facts about each band member.
But I still wasn't really involved in the MCRmy.
I finally came here, where I made an account, and let me tell you guys', you're all fucking AWESOME. Sometimes, though, I get a little worried about us.

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Just a big ball of no talent

I can't help but think a lot of the time that I'm literally just a big ball of no talent. I love music, singing is my passion, but I'm just..not...GOOD at it. I've been told that I'm good at by a couple people, saying: Oh, yeah, you're a good singer. Then they turn to one of my friends and hear them sing and all of a sudden its: OH MY GOD THESE GIRLS ARE THE BEST SINGERS EVER.
Next to all my friends I just feel...talentless. Useless.
One of my best friends, Zoa, is, yes, my sister, but also one of the people I am most jealous of. She is absolutely GORGEOUS, and when standing next to her, it's like putting a measly star next to the fucking sun. She's an amazing dancer, singer, just...PERFORMER in general, and she's extremely graceful. She's fucking STICK thin and strong and athletic and when I'm by her I just can't help but feel...inferior.

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Some Horror and Macabre, conceptual photography :P

I did some high-concept photography the other day and thought I'd share it with each of you. I did some free-verse along with each one, so I'll just share that and then give the full story line :P Its all very inspired/based off the concept of Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, so that's why a lot of it sounds familiar. I know they're not the best, I'm really pretty shit at it, but this is a website where no one judges you, even if your art is shitty :P

Photograph one:
It was 437. That wretched, fucking number that got us into this mess. You had left for work at eight A.M., and we were both happy. Extremely happy. Why wouldn't we be? Newlyweds just back from a honeymoon. The world was ours for all we knew. Nothing mattered but our love for each other.
But then he came in. I had done nothing to him, absolutely nothing. He was a psychopath, someone who saw the opportunity to kill and took it. An unlocked door. A dainty woman, home alone, no one to protect her.

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The Arctic Monkeys

So this is a really fucking awesome English band. Just thought I'd share one of their songs with you guys :D

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So, I finally did it.

So I finally did it. I cross dressed. And I have to The feeling is different than I thought it would be, but its not unpleasant. It's the opposite, actually. I love it. I feel like me, still, but...not. I'm not that insecure, hyperactive, slightly chubby annoying *girl* anymore, I feel like a straight-faced, shy but confident, I don't give a fuck kind of *guy.* The clothes are comfortable and wearing no makeup isn't as uncomfortable as I thought it'd be. As a girl, I absolutely hate wearing no makeup. I feel naked and exposed and ugly. But dressed as a guy, (Marcus or Will, I'm calling myself), the makeup doesn't matter. Since my brother's not home, I couldn't steal any of his stuff besides a belt and hoodie that he left behind, so the drag kind of sucks, but I'm planning on getting better. I look like I have no chest whatsoever and the baggy jeans hide my hips and ass and I put my hair up so when I have the hood of my hoodie up, it looks like I have really short hair.

We all know that we look up to each and every member of MCR, but does anyone else (I'm sure a lot of you) look up to their wives, too? I'm just gonna go through the list and why I respect each one of them so much.
Christa Toro: Though her personal life is kept..well...personal and I do not know what her occupation is, I cannot help but admire her for her sweet personality. I have read many of her tweets and seen many posts where a lot of people have met Mrs. Toro, saying that she is extremely sweet and kind hearted. I admire that she does not make a big deal of the fact that her husband is so successful and that she continues to live a very private, normal life. (I admire this about all the band members, also.)

This has to be one of the most emotional, beautiful pieces of art I've ever watched. Watch it and you'll understand.