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More Pics for The Easily Amused :3
O-kay...I...Can...Do this! (Maybe)

i swore to myself today that i would right a song... a good one... with good lyrics, a good melody and good instrumentation... BUT IT'S SO HARRRRRDDDDD!!!! any ideas?


The Joys of Birthday Money

yay! i am fourteen :D and along with that comes cash... i just bought Danger Days and Three Cheers!!! WOOOH... now for some birthday cake ;)


Dough! *slaps forehead*

proves im tired... i already posted the pic... see!!! school does brainwash you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hilarious Pic Of Gee:
For the Harry Potter fans:

-That i bought The Black Parade (Deluxe Edition) !!!!!!!!!!! so happy XD... this day can only get better if My Chem comes to my house... lol.. maybe Jelly Belly's will help.. Hmmmm


More Videos

:'( ... i am such a cry baby... so Ghost of You... Ger is soooo hot!! but then Mikey gets shot and he's just shocked and so sad i can't handle that!!! i don't know why but it's like, i can't deal with him being sad.. the Helena (So Long & Goodnight) he is so sad you can just see it... man, why am i so damn sensitive :/... i don't know but i just had tears build up in my eyes and it was just like a really harsh reality.. *sniff sniff* im so, shaken up... i don't like seeing Gerard sad... well.. i guess that's it... me and my sensitive self are off

Sing Video

*sniff sniff*.... NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! That video touched my soul...seeing Gerard hold Gracie, that look of utter relief and love, oh my god...then the gun fight...and then... Gerard died!!! i just lost it :'( then the rest of the band is slaughtered up... no... NONONO!!! it was too much. then he was zipped up in his body bag all dead and cold... that was just... no... tears in my eyes... i never want Gerard to die...or any of the boys.. :'(

Hey Killjoys

I am ashamed to say that I have only recently realized the GENIUS of My Chemical Romance. Most of my life i have judged *cringes* them and thought they were creepy screamo. But now, i have realized i am dead wrong. My Chem kicks @$$!!!!!!!!! I have limited amounts of $$, YouTube is blocked and pretty much every other site sucks, so i'm stuck with iTunes snibbets. But either way I cannot get enough. Yes, i believe i have found my new love. But i hope to make some friends on here as well! So, drop by if you're feeling the love (haha) Til next time