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Let's Conquer the World : My Personal Soundtrack feat. The Killjoys :)

Famous Last Words
Look Alive, Sunshine / Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)
Planetary (GO!)
Party Poison
Vampire Money
We Don't Need Another Song About California
Welcome to the Black Parade

(care to tell me others to add?)

Thank you-

for the clarification about the MCRmy and Killjoys.. i feel more involved and informed :3


Will Someone Please Explain to Me-

what the hell MCRmy is, what a Killjoy is and what the difference is between the two... im new at this ;) i thought i had it figured out but quotes and things just really have me twisted around



I swear my best friend and I are twins seperated at birth (even though he's Korean and im white lol)... we think the same things at the same times, do things at the same time, say things at the same time... Know how the other is feeling without even talking and crazy shiz like on a KillJoy name generator, we have the SAME FREAKING NAME!!! adrenaline static monster... woah... creepy


More Writings... Kay, it's not done but tell me what you think so far!

The mist rises higher above me as I propel forward. Screams echo behind me as I try to ignore what I just left behind. The moon casts an eerie glow as it soars next to the glimmering stars. I continue to push my legs harder, even though I feel my muscles quiver and burn. Within seconds, I see the mist concealing me dissipate. The somewhat warm air quickly becomes frigid. I grab my jacket and slump into it, gripping tightly to the last bit of warmth hidden beneath its stitching. My hair swirls around my face as the wind picks up. I am too tired to continue running, and slow my stride.


i wanna killjoy name :( .. but i can't think of one..any ideas?

Some Writing for The Easily Depressed

if you can, listen to Annabel Lee by Nox Arcana in the background... Kay here it is

Rain dribbles softly from the inky sky and wispy clouds float overhead. The lanky trees tower above the sandy beach concealed by a thick layer of fog. The cool sea breeze billows gently, dancing across my face and carrying words with it.
Whispers twirl around my head. I spin rapidly, searching for the cause of the soft voice. Cascading ruby locks swirl around my face. My hair rests at my hips when I’m still. But when I move, I’m buried beneath its thick soft layers. Trapped.

Ok i lied... this really is the last one ;)
Ok...Here are more...this is the last one!!!
Even More Pics For the Easily Amused