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One Look and it Was Love

Frank Iero. you really are remarkable


how the hell did these two not fall in love and get married??

Random Thought of the Day

favorite eye color...

(for you or for someone else)

Random Thought of the Day

what is your favorited color my friends??


Here's what i have to offer

Chapter Two:
Alarm clocks suck. They scream at you when you’re most peaceful and remind you there’s no hope in trying to run from reality. There’s no hope. I think that to myself a lot lately. Mom and Dad fight. Constantly. About where to eat, what to buy, and who’s more dedicated. The same shit every day. Even though it grossed me out at the time, I miss them kissing and touching. I miss them. They’re too busy fighting to pay any attention to me.
“Maison, honey you need to wake up!”
For once, Mom wasn’t yelling at Dad. It’s an oddly refreshing feeling.


okay friends, here's the deal! READ THIS FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so my friend starts the book with her character. then it goes to mine (chapter two) then back to her character and then back to mine (chaptere 4)

so i have chapter two, part of 4 and a little bit that will be later on.

you dont need chapters one and three to understand so no worries!

but the little bit at the end ( i will indicate with this ^^) is just a random piece that deals with the story later on..

hope that wasnt too confusing lol

My (sorta) Book

So my friend and i have attempted to write books before (we often failed lol) but this time i think might work! We each are very motivated, have a plan and are working hard to coordinate! so excited. Things are looking up!

anyone want a sneak peak?


Random Thought of the Day

Eyebrow, tongue, lip, ear, cheek, bellybutton or nose piercing?



Random Thought of the Day

if you were to dye your hair any color, what would it be?? (This includes multi colors)



hooray i just ordered two really awesome shirts!!