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Pocahontas Stoner Song


Colors of the Wind:

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My dreams write movies and rap songs....

I was having a dream that was like watching a movie. It was about a duck who is having trouble with the law and lives in the big city, at the end of his story in the movie the cops gun him down for running. They shot him once and he fell, but then they surrounded him and just kept shooting him..

The next story in the movie was about this white guy waiting for his black girlfriend. As she was walking up this rap song started playing. Here are the lyrics:

You're Bibla white.

You're Bibla white.

You're so white the sun thinks you're bright.

You're Bibla white.

You're Bibla white.

That ain't right, you're not wheat, you're white

Take it from a man from another dimension,
you're friends all got Honors rather than detention.
I'm here to take you're girls cause I've mastered perfection.

You know what they say,

Once you've gone green....

Well you know what I mean.

You're Bibla white.

You're Bibla white.

God made you by sayin' "Let there be Light."

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Movie: Jacob's Ladder

So I just got done watching this movie. It was stupid. Yeah, I read all the hype thinking this would be a good movie, but its not. This movie is freaking STUPID!

Like his whole stupid fantasy is dumb. The whole movie to come to the end WHICH THEY TOLD YOU THROUGH THE WHOLE DAMNED MOVIE!!!

The best part about it was his girl friend. It just kept reminding me of mine and I miss her! That guy's girlfriend was hott! His wife... not so much.


The whole time I was like, GET OUT OF MY MOVIE MACAULAY CULKIN!

Yeah... its stupid... I don't care that the point was he was holding on to life so he couldn't be freed, thats ridiculous... WHERE DID HE GO?!

Freed his soul my ass! That fucker just finally died and couldn't think anymore.

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Sex Robot!

Do you wanna get down?

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Chershire Cat at my Bedside

Has anyone seen a face so menacing as the Cheshire Cat?

His grin glinting in my eye, I wonder who is this at my bedside?

But be the Cheshire Cat watching me, grinning so violently..

I watched and I waited but he would not disappear, so I drew his face ever so queer.

Alas, he would not fade, just stared and stayed, watching me with his devilish grin.

He knew my mind was gone, as mad as the hatter, as daft as a march hare. He laughed at my pain.

Grinning and waiting, "Could we be friends?" I thought.

I started to draw his face again, trying to better capture the demon's guise.

But with my second he was already fading away.

Maybe the light, that cast down from my window, kept him from forming as it dimmed.

His image was gone from my bedside, but forever captured in ink on canvas.

Now I show you, "Have you ever seen the Cheshire Cat?"

Who knows, if you have... you may be just mad.

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Translucent heart

My heart nearly gone, you can see the hole left behind, watching as the blood pumps through.

I don't know if I am stupid or smart, but I can't help but forgive you.

Every thought in my head is silenced and dead, every feeling completely dumb.

My translucent heart, can no longer be torn apart, it is no longer there.

Maybe the light, that shines through that's bright, will spell out the words of my love.

I can't help but say that you caused my pain, but my translucent heart stays numb.

I hope that I did not make a mistake this night, when I say I love you.

The shattered remains I swallowed in pain, slicing my throat, and dissolving to grain.

The zombified shell is all that remains, the man who stands and still loves you.

My translucent heart will power my art, the death of the mortal disdained.

I will forgive you, for anything you do, because I am no longer bane

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Death is a bitter sweet poet..

I cough up my broken heart,
pieces cut my mouth as I say I still love you

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I don't know what to do anymore....

I have such a headache.. The same images keep playing in my head. If you are curious to what they are, read the poem.

I don't know what to do. I am so tired and can't sleep. I don't want to try to be happy anymore.

I should probably go to a hospital again, or something. But they don't really help. I don't want to take drugs ever. I'd rather just die than take drugs.

I know this probably isn't the best place to find help, especially with a serious condition like mine. Nothing anyone can say will make anything better.

I don't know what to do anymore. I just sit here, in my room, waiting for nothing. Time keeps passing by and I have no will to do anything else. Whats the point of living if I have nothing to live for, if I don't want to live for anything.

Maybe tomorrow I will write more to the fanfict, maybe I will just keep writing until I can't write anymore. Maybe soon my heart will just stop on its own and I will finally be free.

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A wonderful life..

I was laying there, when I knew, I had to go buy some rope.

I went to the store, made sure that it was thick to support and not break.

I walked out to the old dirt road, the one where the old oak tree grows. So strong in its life, the beauty of its might. The wind blows gently as the leaves fall around me.

I climbed the old oak tree, for there I would wait and see, across the fields, watching as the days go by.

I wrapped the rope around the strong limb. The limb was large enough to hold at least three. Perhaps more, if more were to want to swing beside me in the old oak tree.

The smell of the air was nice, such a beautiful day, the clouds gathered in the sky, it looked like rain but I shall not care, I was here to play.

I readied the rope, steadied myself on the limb, closed my eyes then looked to the sky taking in a deep breath heaving a deep sigh. The day was mine, and mine alone, a wonderous time I would spend swinging from the old oak tree.

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