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Anti-suicide Poem from 2005

I wrote this in 2005 about suicide.

Is the pain real?
Is it really real?
Do you know what you feel?
Is the pain really real?

When you sit alone in your room you begin to feel the pain arise
But when you walk with others the pain does really subside

You are now back alone in the dark corner of your mind
This is were you find the pain again and bring it in this time

You say it never left you, and the happiness was just a mask
But that little happiness was real and you just wished it into the past

You let the emptiness fill you so you think your home again
But then you say you feel at home

A leader among the oppressed

A boy dressed in black pants and a black t-shirt walks up to raised platform in the center of the school yard. He steps up and stands briefly looked around as the other kids at the high school began laughing at him, some openly, some to themselves. His silver chain hung down over his heaving chest with his pendant pulling into the center. Then he spoke proudly,

"Goths! Emos! And Vampyares..." he finished flamboyantly, dramatically waving his hand in Shakespearean fashion.

"It's time to RISE UP! Against!

Corporate Slavery: You love it!

I am trying to learn all the different things I like, including computer programming. But its difficult to do something when you are the only one around you who wants to do it, or even respects you for doing it. It just seems like I live in a place where no one cares about anything. They are happy with their jobs at Wal-mart, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, or whatever large corporation minimum wage job. I hate corporatism and capitalism, it has destroyed everything.


Show your Herp Derp! XD

FANFICT: A Wanderer from the Negative : PAGE 38

Read these first:
Pages 1-20:
Page 37:

Cascading tiles of aluminum sheet nailed to wood scaffolding. The behemoth protection of the walls hide the city within. A modern troy. Waves of heat flare off the building, creating an illusion of melting metal. A road that seems to stop dead at the wall, paved with broken road, comes out and joins the highway. Outside sits a guards' shack, armored with pieces from cars, and sandbags piled around it.


I peeked around the corner because my curiosity was piqued to its peak. I saw there, around their fence, a majestic mountain peak. My interest piquing, I thought to think that maybe a long peek at the peak wouldn't hurt to have. But my neighbor noticed me, he had up a notice, you see. I saw it, when he sawed it from a piece of wood. He thought this would allow him peace from peekers who's curiosity may be piqued. He set off an alarm so high and loud the hertz hurt my ears. I wouldn't have knocked down the wood notice have I had noticed the rake that lay there.

New starfish: THE SEA SUN!!!

This new type of starfish was discovered.



btw-> I've been drinking... XD'

Totally, they make up their own SEA GALAXY!!!



Pocahontas Stoner Song


Colors of the Wind:

My dreams write movies and rap songs....

I was having a dream that was like watching a movie. It was about a duck who is having trouble with the law and lives in the big city, at the end of his story in the movie the cops gun him down for running. They shot him once and he fell, but then they surrounded him and just kept shooting him..

The next story in the movie was about this white guy waiting for his black girlfriend. As she was walking up this rap song started playing. Here are the lyrics:

You're Bibla white.

You're Bibla white.

You're so white the sun thinks you're bright.

You're Bibla white.

You're Bibla white.

That ain't

Movie: Jacob's Ladder

So I just got done watching this movie. It was stupid. Yeah, I read all the hype thinking this would be a good movie, but its not. This movie is freaking STUPID!

Like his whole stupid fantasy is dumb. The whole movie to come to the end WHICH THEY TOLD YOU THROUGH THE WHOLE DAMNED MOVIE!!!

The best part about it was his girl friend. It just kept reminding me of mine and I miss her! That guy's girlfriend was hott! His wife... not so much.


The whole time I was like, GET OUT OF MY MOVIE MACAULAY CULKIN!

Yeah... its stupid... I don't care that the point was