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Its my birthday..

... and I can die if I want to. I can die if I want to. You would want to die too if happened to you~

:) I am actually not going to but I felt like saying it. These pills seem to make me feel better. Still hate my life right now. I am glad you guys are so awesome!

Anticipating the inevitable...

... one more day.

Damn... I'm single. :)

So its finalized as of yesterday. I am single and pissed about how it happened. But you know what... Its better this way. I don't need to deal with people who are going to lie to my face and call me paranoid when I'm right.

But now I just wish I had someone so bad it sucks! I am probably not in the best emotional shape to be looking for a relationship but I say fuck it. I love to love. I figure there has got to be another girl out there somewhere who needs me and would love to keep me in her bed ;)

I am turning 25 in four days and look like I'm barely turning 14.... Grr.. I am trying to bulk

Fruit Roll Up + Tapatio = DELICIOUS!!!!

Ok so I am addicted to Fruit Roll Ups. They are freaking AMAZING! But I have a bottle of Tapatio that I like to eat with burritos and pizza. But I was like... I wonder....

Fruit Roll Up + Tapatio = Most totally excellent! Fruity Spicy Delicious Treat!

Im not ok... Trust me... Im ok...

Let's get to the basics... My name is Evan. No this is not a fan fiction beginning. This is about my real life....

I love playing guitar, singing, and skating; hence the pictures. If you are wondering about the third picture.. well that's where I sleep; Cozy right?

I am technically psychotic, with other disorders, and they want me to take "rispedol" I don't know how to spell it. I don't want to take any freaking drugs. But I can't hold a job, I am ridiculously anti-social; because I hate stupid people. I can't make my way into college. I write songs and sing but I don't have a band.

I just hate everything

That's about it.



some drawings

Some drawings I did, one pencil and two pen and sharpie

Johan Hegg of Amon Amarth fighting a Piranha Plant

Random Bloody Girl

Hairy Worm

Songs that sound similar..... MCR Vs Other

So far I have come across 2 songs that sound oddly similar.

1: House of wolves and Peter Griffin's Rock Lobstar (Family guy)

When you play the song Rock Lobster played by Peter Griffin on Family guy and then sync it to like 10secs in to House of Wolves, these songs match up almost perfectly.

2. SCARECROW Song and VAGINA Song by the Bloodhound Gang

These song's are already similar in title... But when you listen to the guitars playing you notice an odd similarity. Now, in MCR's song they have a second guitar playing loudly over the one that sounds similar.

The world is ending, what do you do?

You just heard on the news the world is ending next week because of a comet coming towards the earth and there is no way to stop it. The military has tried to redirect it with missiles and "new technologies" top secret with no avail. The earth will collide with the moon sized comet and life on earth will end, but will also cause the earth to lose its orbit and the earth will be hurled into the sun.

What would you do on your last days?

Personally... half the stuff I would do would be crazy, but as soon as the comet hit the earth if I wasn't already dead I would have to say I'd kill myself with