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Come friend me! I have bideos. XD

my chem website needs android app....

Trying to be on here's from my phone is hard... is there an app for this?

facebook me

Another Little thing

I made this little tune with FL studio


I wrote this song. I hope you guys like it. I never done anything like this before. It was a freestyle and I made the beat with my mouth lol.

I haz interwebs!!!

Im back on the internet again lol. I've been busy with music and the band is working its way out of the shack and onto the streets. Maybe in a while we will be on the Utoob but dunno how long until we finish a damn recording.

No Internet sucks


Made a Facebook :)

Hit me up, add me as a friend, do what ever! XD

"You could have anyone you want."

Is what I keep getting told. But its honestly a straight up bullshit lie. I can't have anyone I want, because every girl I have ever wanted doesn't want me. So why do people keep telling me this bullshit lie?

I mean seriously... My ex gf has told me this bullshit... How could I have anyone I want?

I don't know. I hate being told this. So unless you are the one who wants to be with that person, then don't ever fucking say this to that person. Especially me.

The Stag

:) I had a good night.