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my angry song

I was bored and getting mad at my phone and guitar

Look me up and check it XD
i got bored

Lol I dunno

This morning

My dog curled up next to me while I was sleeping

Come check out my page

I've got pictures, videos, poems, and a fanfict buried somewhere. Come dig through my rants and comment if you like. I am often bored at home and love to read comments.

I love this pic


I need comments lol.

I don't want to go but this profile is just about as dead as my Facebook profile.

Another untitled song

Hope you guys like them.

Untitled Song Number 1

Another song I wrote

I recorded this because I hate you

I wrote this song. It took awhile to record, my phone kept messing up. I know its sideways. I can't fix it. It recorded stupid.