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My newest song

I wrote this listening to mcr

Heart Transplant

I tried to donate my heart to a patient who needed it, but the doctor said it was too broken to be used.

My friend stopped talking to me..

This is the last thing I got from my friend. When I tried to call him it said his phone service was disconnected.

Does this freak anyone else out?


Let me start by saying I just found this website, I started reading things on there and not really getting scared by anything. Most of it was obviously fake but some of it just seemed eerie and ominous, like it was written not by a person but a supernatural force. But that's not what I am here to talk about.

I decided to start keeping notes in my android notepad because of weird things that has been happening lately.

i was drugged ¶:0

I think the girl at the store put something in my sandwich. I came home and ate half of it and passed out. I couldn't wake up until now. Everytime I would wake up I couldn't move and just passed out again. Honestly, I'm not sure how long I can stay awake this time. I think I slept through adventure time. But all that sleep made me hungry. I think I'm going to go eat the other half to that sandwich...

Rawry rawr rawr rawry rawr

Rawr, rawr rawr raawwr. Rawr rawry rawr rawr rawr. Raaaawwwwrrrrr rawr rawry rawr. Rawr rawr rawr rawr? Rawr rawring rawr rawr. Ge-rawr-ed rawr grr rawr. Raaawwrr rawring rawr raawr. Rawr rawr? Grr rawr rawr grr rawr. Grr grr rawr. Rawr raawr awrr rawr. Raawr rawring rawr grr rawry. Rawr? Rarara! Rawr grr rawr rawr rawr rawr. Ra ra rawr!

Deep Purple - Highway Star

Where are the bands like this?

Alright world...

I'm awake. Be prepared for another onslaught of randomness. Fear my never ending mind! Through creation I shall conquer this day!

Oddly similar

Gavin Rossdale of bush looks oddly familiar :-7


Shower time lol, Hope no one comes over, its kinda 12:30am and I'm not expecting anyone, but trying to fight off an intruder in the nude might be a little difficult, or fun, i dunno yet. But it would be weird if the intruder is also naked.... hmmm....

Chasing my dog around..

It is soooo fun! XDD