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Professional Griefers

If you haven't heard it. Listen it to it while you can. Or go buy it and support their money grubbing label and iTunes.

GE fuckiing Rawrd Way!

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I love you all.

Be safe. You are loved. We are real. We are individuals who care for your safety. Don't give up on life. We care so much. A life lost is someone else's chance for love lost.

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My Music Video

Enjoy Some hardcore. Pure energy.

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Strange dream, people died

I was going to apply at my new school. Apparently, in my side time, I sold bootleg CDs to raise money. The day before I offered to sell this guy some. The guy turned out to be an undercover. Luckily, I didn't have any of the CDs on me. I didn't tell him what he wanted to hear. But then I noticed this small dog walking out into the street right into traffic. This red sports car stopped right before hitting the little dog.

I looked both ways even though it was a 4 lane street, and went after the dog even though the cop still wanted to talk to me. I picked up the dog and walked down the street a little and set the dog down in front of a store. A lady and her two little children got excited and chased the dog. She yelled at them when they tried to pick up the dog.

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: "Did you cut holes into your pants? Pfft... poser."
:: "So you say you don't know who One Direction is? Pfft.. hipster."
::: "You like converse and My Chemical Romance? Pfft... emofag."
:::: "You wear make up and you're not a girl? Pfft.. bitch."
::::: "You don't care that I'm calling you these things? Pfft.. pussy"

Me : "Are you ok? You seem upset about something. You know, you can talk to me if you need too."

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Need a fanfict to read?

Read mine:


I promise, if you haven't read this yet. It's like nothing you have read before.

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Controlling your dreams

A short video about how to practice to control your dreams. Its very easy and the Instructions are simple.

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Master of my dreams

So I found out that I still have the power to control my dreams. The only problem. They seem so real I am not sure if I am dreaming or awake. So I have to be careful to know the difference. But the only real way to know the difference .. well.. there is no way.

Oh, on the other note, I made a new video... its posting to YouTube. I suck at freestyling lyrics lol

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Maggots in Bloodlust

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gimme drugs, gimme drugs

I'm going to get addicted to Flintstones gummy vitamins so I can improve my music writing creativity.