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Nothing special and Memes

Other than making music. I like making memes and rage comics. Its fun. Check out mystuff

For those not paying attention


I was trying to fill out a Job Application and..

Yeah.. making mistakes on applications sucks.... True story.

This Morning

This was me this morning. So I made a rage comic about it lol

Time To Share: I Don't Love you Like I Did Yesterday Cover

I love this girl's singing and playing! She has more MCR covers. Check her out!

Soo Its 2:35AM IN California

If anyone is bored, check out my blog, message me, read comments, check out my commentors blogs, have fun, stay insane.


If I can only sleep when I'm dead then kill me now because I love to dream.
I will fly away on black raven's wings, into the night to kiss the stars.

Don't fear the assassin's plan, fear the dreaming man.
Because his creativity is unrestrained sometimes vulgar.

Don't worry about those who left you in the dust.
Worry for those who will be left in your wake.

Because I want to see a world of smiles. A life of blood dripping from my fingertips.
I don't want to watch you die tonight because I know I will miss you tomorrow.

But you're lying there on the floor your pain spilling from your arms for


Sometimes I just want to pull a Ray Toro, lock myself up in my room and just play guitar all day and night saying fuck the world why bother when people don't give a shit anyway.

Gerard Talks MCR5

In case you haven't seen it.

Anyone wanna chat?

I am like completely bored. I am trying to procrastinate from learning this cover song and its really hard to procrastinate without a reason. I wonder if adventure time is on. Listening to Escape the Fate right now :3