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The Academy: Night Scene

I was an outcast to them. Left in the hall not allowed to join them in there nightly activities. I lightly tapped on the metal door that was locked from the inside. Two pairs of naked feet glowed in the shadows through the small window above the floor. Where these two going to be my night liaisons or would I find more through this door.

"Can I join you?" I whispered loud enough for them to hear but not so we would get caught. I was very excited I was going to have my first excursion with not one but two girls in the showers of the dorm. They walked away. My heart and my dream shattered.

a simple riff

A riff i made bored.

a simple riff

A riff i made bored.

Inspiration Blanket

It's 2 o clock in the morning and my eyes are tired of life the dust blowing up in my face I keep running my feet losing ground in the ocean of dreams fill me with agony of endless antagonists

I just want to burn these pages down find a match in a back alley cigarette stop with a breath of smoke in my lungs dropping 4 stories from a happy ending I dunno where I'll fall

keep running keep fighting keep dreaming night tiger in the waters of love we can make it if we try breathing deep the sky liquor vapors never left me dry

Ill bury my sadness in these shot glasses I don't know where I left

Nothing special and Memes

Other than making music. I like making memes and rage comics. Its fun. Check out mystuff

For those not paying attention


I was trying to fill out a Job Application and..

Yeah.. making mistakes on applications sucks.... True story.

This Morning

This was me this morning. So I made a rage comic about it lol

Time To Share: I Don't Love you Like I Did Yesterday Cover

I love this girl's singing and playing! She has more MCR covers. Check her out!

Soo Its 2:35AM IN California

If anyone is bored, check out my blog, message me, read comments, check out my commentors blogs, have fun, stay insane.