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Can someone tell me whats going on?

So... I am looking at this quarter as it sits on the couch, but I don't understand how this gravity thing works... Will one day we be blasted by an anti gravity field ray and rip apart the earth and everything will just go off into space and everything will be destroyed?

Or will a comet come down and destroy us all? I know pessimisism isn't the best philosophy but I am an optimistic pessimist lol. I look at the brighterside of the darkest ideas. I think about everything and wonder what other people are doing mostly. What does everyone else do?

I am trying to figure out my life but how do I


I am freaking tired of them.. Every single person in this world is a damn hippocrite, even me, but some are just not as bad as others.

The point I am making here is, I am tired of people telling me how I should live my life. I am tired of all this crap yet I have no control.

Why is that all these people can tell me that my lif...

Forget it...

This blog is going to be about why I am so tired to the point where waking up in the morning is so freaking hard that I have to remember why I am doing this.... I love her.

I am so tired of life... I have been tired of it since the day the gears started

Why don't more people think about others, rather then only think of themselves?

My Question is.

Why is it that people think that their own happiness is directly related to how they feel themselves about their own position.. Rather then think about the relationship of the people around them?

Albert Einstien's theory of relativity is directly related to everything in existence including our own happiness. If we surround ourselves with happy motivated people then we will be directly impacted by that and become happy ourselves and their will be no bad times because their will only be good times.

Why do people think that their has to be bad in order for their to be good..


(I apologize in advance for all the caps... they are how I feel)


So... they are taking the F grade out of school? GOOD RIDDANCE I SAY!

The worst part is peoples damned opinion of it. Why is this bad?

Because students who are not willing to learn.. BULLSHIT! Every student is willing to learn up until they come to a teacher who GIVES UP ON TEACHING!

The problem we have here isn't the students, its OBVIOUSLY the teachers! WHY DOES NO ONE SEE THE FUCKING CONNECTION!!!

Students that do well in school are often

So I'm back...

... from outer space.. something about some other crap that happened but then the moon came and ate the earth, but OH NO NOT I, I WILL SURVIVE!

Don't ask...

Ok, so I didn't get on my laptop or anything all weekend. Played COD: Black Ops.. and OMFG What a crazy game...

Any whom.. lol..

Everything is weird.

I dunno... can someone tell me what this life is about and what I should do because I am just plain tired of it. Like... give me a reason to live and I will give you twenty reasons to die.

Give me twenty reasons to live, and I will give you one reason to hate me forever.

Magic is possible..

One day... we will be able to move objects with a single word..

One day... we will teleport with a single thought

One day... no man will rule over any other man.

One day... the universe will be a place of true freedom.

Something to feed you mind with...

OMG! This is FREAKING AMAZING!!! it makes me think about a lot of cool stuff that can be done...

This is weird....

Whats up with that... I want to accept!!

Alright... shit....

"I want to know whats going on here... someone explain to me what happened.. I left for 10 mins.. 10 DAMN MINUTES! And you managed to evolve and destroy everything.." - God to humanity after coming back after creation.

I think thats more likely what happened. I think if there was a god creature he probably has no concept of time so while all these humans recklessly abandon each other in pursuit of one greater than self..

Guess who is greater than yourself... HUMANITY! PEOPLE COME ON!! Helping your fellow man is what will pull us through this.

I am back from an ADVENTURE!!!

Ok.. so I had to go to the clinic so that I can get counciling or whatever. I rode my bike there and on the way I ran into an old friend. Who he is cool and he doesn't give a shit what people think. I like that about him.

I then went and got to the front desk and just stood there trying to tell this person behind the counter what I need. But the problem is I HAVE NO IDEA! So I stared blankly for a second and then fumbled with some words then handed her all my papers and told her I need to sign up...

God I know I sound stupid for saying that but they should know if I am coming in here then I