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Nothing on TV..

I was looking at the guide on my TV and there is nothing to watch that is worth watching.. So I went to "On Demand" and hoped maybe I could find something. Oh how I was so wrong...

Do you know what they have as a selection for "History" on the "History Channel".... "PAWN STARS" and "SWAMP PEOPLE".... WTF DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING!!! I DON'T CARE ABOUT HILLBILLIES AND JUNK!

So I went over to the "Science Channel" OMFG! I can learn how to make a "rocket skateboard" or watch them explode crap, or watch them crush a tank with "atmospheric pressure" SO WHAT!

I looked everywhere and could

A New Moon

The wolf set over to the edge of the cliff and howled out to the valley below. The day was ending and the wolf was alone. The cold chill of the northern wind blowing producing icy shards that glistened like blood in the setting sun.

The howl doth not echo... Nor shall it ever be returned...

Moving out of my parent's universe..

With everything that is, and everything that isn't, what is truth but another lie?

Does that mean anything? No.

How do I move past who I am and into who I want to be. But who I want to be is not a who, but a what...

Who is the creator and why must I believe in one? Why can't I just be who I am, or rather, what I want to be?

Doubt. Doubt is the restraint that binds us to the physical layer and makes use slaves to the energy of it. We are vessels, capacitors, conveyors of the energy in which we consume daily.

Why do we feel we need this thing called "Money" when we didn't need it to be born,

I am hungry.. hungry...

Frankie my dear, I just don't give a damn....

Don't ask what that subject line means.... It just made me smile.

Why am I crying.

Maybe I will just go practice the Misfits songs I am suppose to be learning. I like the misfits, but they aren't my favorite band in the world. Love Danzig though.

I think I might need a doctor.

I wish this all made more sense.

A picture update too

I hope one day my face will become more familiar. I hope that my icon can bring hope to those who need it. If anyone is ever feeling unloved, know that even if you think no one out there loves you, I do.

Stay safe, Stay Alive.

Havn't been here in a while...

So sick, so tired, I hate the sun, it burns my eyes...

I have been keeping up on this thing in japan. I had some weird dreams as it happened. One dream I had of the end of the world where I woke up in my living room a couple days before it happened. Then I had a second dream reoccuring from the last dream, I woke up in my living room again, but this time I was trying to escape a killer in my dream by climbing a tree and getting to the roof of this house.

I woke up from the nightmare just as my friend texted me saying a tsunami hit japan and was coming for the states.

Writing a lot of music

Trying to get a lot of things done with so little time and barely any motivation to even leave my bed. Things are so depressing but I keep on. Going on the best I can.

I lost my job...

I watched this video on youtube. I was learning the song dead on guitar its really fun. What a quite strange thing to do but this is me its what I do.

This song is so true and this guy who made this video. This is freaking amazing.

Anyway... I need to think about what I am going to do for money. These issues I have are causing to much problems for me and I need to get out more....

Does anyone know the way to the door?


Currently watching Felix the cat, the wonderful cat :3

This show is cool. That cat is so awesome with his bag of tricks. I wish I had a bowl of trix.. I am gonna get a bowl :|