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I am hungry..

..so hungry...

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Frankie my dear, I just don't give a damn....

Don't ask what that subject line means.... It just made me smile.

Why am I crying.

Maybe I will just go practice the Misfits songs I am suppose to be learning. I like the misfits, but they aren't my favorite band in the world. Love Danzig though.

I think I might need a doctor.

I wish this all made more sense.

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A picture update too

I hope one day my face will become more familiar. I hope that my icon can bring hope to those who need it. If anyone is ever feeling unloved, know that even if you think no one out there loves you, I do.

Stay safe, Stay Alive.

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Havn't been here in a while...

So sick, so tired, I hate the sun, it burns my eyes...

I have been keeping up on this thing in japan. I had some weird dreams as it happened. One dream I had of the end of the world where I woke up in my living room a couple days before it happened. Then I had a second dream reoccuring from the last dream, I woke up in my living room again, but this time I was trying to escape a killer in my dream by climbing a tree and getting to the roof of this house.

I woke up from the nightmare just as my friend texted me saying a tsunami hit japan and was coming for the states. This dream happened at the exact same time as the earthquake hit.

I think humans just like animals have a sixth sense for elemental danger. I can sense storms as well. I think its just a part of being in tune with the earth and feeling that something is upsetting it.

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Writing a lot of music

Trying to get a lot of things done with so little time and barely any motivation to even leave my bed. Things are so depressing but I keep on. Going on the best I can.

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I lost my job...

I watched this video on youtube. I was learning the song dead on guitar its really fun. What a quite strange thing to do but this is me its what I do.

This song is so true and this guy who made this video. This is freaking amazing.

Anyway... I need to think about what I am going to do for money. These issues I have are causing to much problems for me and I need to get out more....

Does anyone know the way to the door?

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Currently watching Felix the cat, the wonderful cat :3

This show is cool. That cat is so awesome with his bag of tricks. I wish I had a bowl of trix.. I am gonna get a bowl :|

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Can someone tell me whats going on?

So... I am looking at this quarter as it sits on the couch, but I don't understand how this gravity thing works... Will one day we be blasted by an anti gravity field ray and rip apart the earth and everything will just go off into space and everything will be destroyed?

Or will a comet come down and destroy us all? I know pessimisism isn't the best philosophy but I am an optimistic pessimist lol. I look at the brighterside of the darkest ideas. I think about everything and wonder what other people are doing mostly. What does everyone else do?

I am trying to figure out my life but how do I know whats REALLY right?

But not only that but I want to do magic lol. I want to be able to do anything I want and I also would like to be immortal. But I wouldn't hurt anyone, I would probably just fly away through space and check everything out and come back and tell everyone what its like and bring back gifts and things from the other worlds.

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I am freaking tired of them.. Every single person in this world is a damn hippocrite, even me, but some are just not as bad as others.

The point I am making here is, I am tired of people telling me how I should live my life. I am tired of all this crap yet I have no control.

Why is that all these people can tell me that my lif...

Forget it...

This blog is going to be about why I am so tired to the point where waking up in the morning is so freaking hard that I have to remember why I am doing this.... I love her.

I am so tired of life... I have been tired of it since the day the gears started turning in my head when I was 6 years old. I remember looking up to the sky and just wanting to leave off this planet forever but I have yet to discover the ability to fly and be indestructible.

I hate it when people tell me that I shouldn't worry about this or that. That I should only worry about what matters. That what matters is getting a job so I can support myself.

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Why don't more people think about others, rather then only think of themselves?

My Question is.

Why is it that people think that their own happiness is directly related to how they feel themselves about their own position.. Rather then think about the relationship of the people around them?

Albert Einstien's theory of relativity is directly related to everything in existence including our own happiness. If we surround ourselves with happy motivated people then we will be directly impacted by that and become happy ourselves and their will be no bad times because their will only be good times.

Why do people think that their has to be bad in order for their to be good.. this concept is so wrong and backwards that it could NEVER make sense for the one fact that, a child who knows not of bad times is constantly happy, its only when they learn about the cruel reality of HUMANS do they realize that bad exists.