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FANFICT: A Wanderer from the Negative : PAGE 6

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“Fine.. I'll help him. You owe me now Flash Rocket.” Electric Night said as he walked over and helped up Flash Rocket off the ground.

“ARG! NOT SO ROUGH!” He said as Electric Night helped him get to his feet quickly.

“That's what she said..” Violet Sky said as she laughed at his pain.

“I'm gonna get you for this new guy..” Flash Rocket said as he leaned against Electric Night. Using him for a crutch.

FANFICT: A Wanderer from the Negative : PAGE 5

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“You're not Neon Larz..” The girl says very annoyed. “Why are you wearing his jacket! Who are you?! DID YOU KILL NEON LARZ!!”

“Whoa.. whoa.. Calm down...” I put my hands up in arrest. “ I didn't kill him, I don't even know who you're talking about. I was given this jacket..”

“WHO GAVE IT TO YOU! DO YOU KNOW WHERE HE IS!” She demanded from me.

“I am guessing his mother..” I said putting my hands down and

FANFICT: A Wanderer from the Negative : PAGE 4

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Living on the inside:

My name is Megan North. I am a citizen of Battery City. Everything here is... Boring. I hear about the rebels on the outside. I wish I could be outside.. but I can't even leave my house. During the high times of the sun I am not even allowed outside of my room because of the radiation. My windowless room...

But I have X-10 to make me feel better.

FANFICT: A Wanderer from the Negative : PAGE 3

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Luck.. Now thats something I don't have enough of...


Its all I know....

This heat is unbearable...

I drink the last drops of water from my flask, and stick it into the inside pocket of the new jacket. I pull out the old style walkman radio, I know it doesn't work, but I like to look at it. I notice something strange though, an extra port on the side.

“This was modded into it.” I think to

FANFICT: A Wanderer from the Negative : PAGE 2

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“HEY!” I call out to them as I get closer, “HELLO! I'M A FRIENDLY! PEACE IN THE WASTELAND!” I don't want them getting scared, sometimes this even can scare them. It's not safe out here.. Not just because the Dracs but also because of the sick people who want to hurt others. Just because we try to live peacefully out here doesn't mean that everyone does.

FANFICT: A Wanderer from the Negative : PAGE 1

“Look alive sunshine..” The radio statics into reception of Dr. Death Defying.. Another day, waking in Zone Negative One...

The negative zones are a sanctuary for us who are against the BL ind. We have lost our homes, and our true lives. Hunted down by those damn blood suckers. We can only hope to build our lives up again here in the Negative.

Who am I? Heh, does it matter? I might as well just be called Dirt. Because thats all I am to those who live safely within Battery City. Life within the zones to them are considered sanctuary.

Promoting a new friend

This is a wonderful Pianist who is only 14 years old, She has beautifully amazing songs. Please listen to this one here.

She is so amazing!

Here you can become her friend XD

The only thing I am unsure of as of yet is how to buy an album. I know I am getting one!

Crazy Dream...

The dream started I was living at my friend's house, I guess we switched houses or something. But I was laying in my bed in the dark. I looked over at this low shelf and a pile of stuff, on top of it was a hairbrush. The brush had a flame coming out of it like a lighter. I decided for some reason that it wasn't important so decided to forget about it. But then the flame started burning and smoking, flickering and getting larger.

I didn't want it to burn anything or catch the house on fire so I picked it up, took it out to the bathroom, and threw it in the sink.

Strange Creatures in the grass

Is it just me or can anyone else see these weird creatures. That one looks like a winking gibbous monkey

Art, Culture, and the Media...

To be free, or to not be free, that is the question that has been a part of society since Art was first formed.

Here is the problem, Art, just like any other form of work (because that's what it is) takes up energy to create a product, but also Art can be a service... But the whole ideals of art is that in order for it to be worth anything it has to be demanded. But here is the catch....

Demand is based solely on its supply...

Art is of one thing that if overly supplied and publicized, it will become demanded.