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FANFICT: A Wanderer from the Negative : PAGE 22

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Page 21:

“WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU GUYS ARE DOING?! ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL EACH OTHER!” I screamed out at them, “Thanks Electric Night, that was some good shootin'. “

Electric Night, show-off like, blew the vapors from the tip of his gun. “Twasn't nothin',” he said modestly.

Violet Sky and Satellite Bullet glared at each other then in unison pointed at each other, “IT'S HER FAULT! ... MY FAULT! .... YOU!

FANFICT: A Wanderer from the Negative : PAGE 21

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Pages 1-20:
Page 20:

“Hey sweetie.. Time to wake up..” A young woman's voice is heard faintly.. “Come on honey...”

“M-mommy?” Megan says her eyes barely opening to a beautiful blonde haired figure standing over her.

“Awe... How sweet... She thinks you're her mommy..” Another young woman is heard, her voice and tone rougher, sounding more masculine then feminine.

Megan gets up fast reacting to the realization she isn't in

Not so many readers as I hoped for..

I have been working on this FanFict for a few days. I love my loyal readers, but it doesn't seem like anyone else really cares...

I don't want you guys to think this is like some other fan fict. I put a lot of effort and thought into it..

To summarize its a Danger Days Theme story set out in the wastelands beyond the zones. I like to add my fans into the story because it makes it seem more real to me.

If you would like to start reading I compiled the 20 Page list here, there will be more as I am writing as much as possible everyday.

Please comment.. its very motivating..

Page 1:

FANFICT: A Wanderer from the Negative : PAGE 20

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Page 19:

Violet Sky finally made her way through the crowd just as the first song ended and was transitioning into the next.

“Hey!” Violet Sky grabbed the shoulder of Satellite Bullet.

“HEY BITCH! BACK OFF! THATS MY MAN!” Satellite Bullet said fast knocking Violet Sky back and onto the ground.

“Oh Shit!” Satellite Bullet chuckled, “Sorry love, didn't see you there.. What brings you way out here?”

Even more pissed

FANFICT: A Wanderer from the Negative : PAGE 19

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“KILLJOYS ACROSS THE WASTELAND!” A familiar voice boomed over the speakers, “We are glad to have you hear tonight! All of you mother fuckers came along way and risked your lives for a performance you may not live through the night to see.” It was Dr. Death Defying, he was announcing the next band on stage. “I am very happy to present to you a Power Pup fueled brand new Shiny featured band... 'Suicide! In!

FANFICT: A Wanderer from the Negative : PAGE 18

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Thats when I noticed... that bastards mustache... I can't believe it... really?! Way out here... in THIS kind of place?!

“YOU OLD BASTARD! You scared the fuck out of me!” I said to him.

“HA HA HA,” his deep laughs bellowed, “I thought you wouldn't recognize me at all!”

“How could I not! You old diesel dog!

FANFICT: A Wanderer from the Negative : PAGE 17

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We finally made it to the old barn building that landmarks Sector 13. This is where are the mercs, scum bags, tumble weeds, and any other wasteland trash come to party and drink some of the finest liquors ever shined up. Also, this place was just one big gentleman's club where every man inside is hardly a gentleman.

“Here it is, the wasteland's finest piece of trash, full of the world's worst garbage.”

A Dream : By Megan North

A Dream : By Megan North

The stage is set, the lights come blazing down on to our young actress...

“Umm.. Hello..” she speaks so quivically, frightened. The stagehands move the set behind her as the light narrows down upon her.

“Wait! Doth not the night cast a shadow as well?” A yellow masked fellow in red tights enters the stage. He is sporting a yellow vest. The spot lights now shines upon the two on the on the stage. He pliés elegantly across the stage to her. “The sun, doth not bruise your fair skin young maiden?” He lifts her high as she spreads her arms.

“Set me down forthwith kind

FANFICT: A Wanderer from the Negative : PAGE 16

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Page 15:

Cellophane Diamond opens up the back of the van for Megan to get in.

“GRR! BARK BARK!” A black German Shepherd stands at the door barking and growling at Megan's Cat.

Megan's Cat, X-10, hisses and growls at the dog.

“STOP THAT SMOOCHES! BE NICE!” The blue haired Misty Fury yells at the dog, Smooches.

Cellophane Diamond picks up Megan and puts her in the van, she sits down on the padded bench and stares

FANFICT: A Wanderer from the Negative : PAGE 15

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Page 14:

We drove on for an hour when we finally reached the party pad known as Sector 13. This place was a fucking hell hole. Bonfires lit up the road like a runway. It felt like we were literally driving into hell.

We started slowing down as the traffic backed up, the party was enormous! Along the side of the road, half naked girls were dancing around listening to the sounds of all the sweet wasteland party music.