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A few more

My flying horse in Skyrim

o.O <-- ._0

Me and some pictures from outside my home.


i want it to end

My head hurts so bad. I am so tired of this feeling of pain. I hate these feelings of loneliness and these feelings that I can't trust anyone. I want my life to be over. I hate so much.

Happy Fucking Birthday

To Me!

New Freestyle

My friend did effects. I am playing.

This brought tears to my eyes

This girl has an amazing voice. Beautiful for this song.

go to sleep

A drawing I made for a friend

Today... our darkest day.

Today... is a sad day. We have a moment of silence for all those lives lost. For all those who lost a part of their family. Mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, brothers, sisters, and those who had no one.

Those who died.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001.

So much happened on this day. So much sadness. MCR isn't a reminder of the sadness. Its a reminder of the strength we must have to live through life's tragedies.

I hope those who lost could find strength to keep on fighting. But for some... the pain of loss was too much.

A new video


Please No More Cutting!

If you are a cutter please stop. No more! When I see the scars I cry. Because they remind me of everytime I told her no more. But she wouldn't stop.

No more scars! No more pain! Please! If you feel the need to cut. Instead of picking up the blade. Pick up the phone. There are hotlines you can call!