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Living on the inside:

My name is Megan North. I am a citizen of Battery City. Everything here is... Boring. I hear about the rebels on the outside. I wish I could be outside.. but I can't even leave my house. During the high times of the sun I am not even allowed outside of my room because of the radiation. My windowless room...

But I have X-10 to make me feel better. No, I know what you're thinking, X-10 isn't a drug, it's my cat. Yes, the last living cat in all of the Wasteland. Or at least that's what my mom tells me.. but I don't even know if I can trust her.

This just happened.



Luck.. Now that's something I don't have enough of...


It's all I know....

This heat is unbearable...

Drinking the last drops of water from my flask, I tuck it away into inner breast pocket of the new jacket. Pulling out the old style Walkman radio, I know it doesn't work, but I like to look at it. There is something strange though, an extra port on the side.

“This was modded into it.” I think to myself and keep looking, noticing the dials are different as well.

Messages still not working?

Or just no messages...

It's been a long time...

FF: A Wanderer From The Negative; Page 2

“HEY!” I call out to them as I get closer, “HELLO! I'M A FRIENDLY! PEACE IN THE WASTELAND!”

I don't want them getting scared, sometimes being so direct can scare them away. It's not safe out here.. Not just because the Dracs but also because of the terrible people who want to hurt others. Just because we try to live peacefully out here doesn't mean that everyone does. Some will take advantage of the anarchy and do some really cruel things.

I approach the startled, cowering family. A small golden hair girl clings to her younger brother while his large green eyes watch curiously.

FF: A Wanderer From The Negative; Page 1

“Look alive sunshine..” The radio statics into reception of Dr. Death Defying.. Another day, waking in

Zone Negative One...

The negative zones are a sanctuary for us who are against BL industry. We have lost our homes, and our
true lives. Hunted down by those damn blood suckers. We can only hope to build our lives up again here

in the Negative.

Who am I? Heh, does it matter? I might as well just be called Dirt because that's all I am to those
who live safely within Battery City.

Life within the zones to them are considered sanctuary. With all of their
glorious shops to buy anything they

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How long will this website last?

With the band gone. So too is the inevitable ending of this website. It's only a matter of time before they decide that the servers cost more to run than they produce income.

Start saving your profiles to your hard drives.

Dying is Easy, Surviving is hard.

When life becomes too hard for you to just survive. Then maybe it's time you think about what's causing the unbearable pain.

You can get away from those feeling of loss. Pills aren't the only option. No, I am not talking about god either.

I am talking about you. Taking back your right to life and happiness! Even if it's your own mind you are fucking fighting. But if you are a lucky one, and your mind comforts you. Well, then it's time to get away from whatever it is that is causing you pain.

I know, maybe more than anyone, different types of pain.

Mountains x3

This is the view behind my house. I wish my camera was better. But I have an 8MP phone :(