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My mind must be a lovely place....

Standing in a silent room
yet full of noise and yelling.
Trying to find a smile,
where tears are often found.
The pit in my stomach slowly fades,
and as I pull myself together,
I close my eyes and dream of a better place
But find nothing but disappointment
I try to sleep
to put my mind at temporary ease
But nothing will ever change

-Erica Mo

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Stream of Conscience

I hadn't checked Frankie's site in a while,so when I did,I came across a poem he wrote,and I found it deep and thoughtful,So I want to share it with you guys-

'spittin off the dock of the bay, wastin time.'
whiskey filled serenades.
sweet, distilled, sugary defeat.
your breath smells like you’re disappointed in me again.
li(v)e your life away, stagnant and stale.
my soul wanders and it troubles me still.
sleepwalking my days into weeks and then some.
unaware of where the truth ends and my li(f)e begins.
i’ll be just fine my dear.
let my wrists and i figure this one out on our own.
i’m gonna get some sleep tonight, even if it kills me.

-2013 frnkiero

It really makes me think about how words can really cut deeper than anything else

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Have you heard the news that your dead?

The title doesn't have anything to do with my blog. Its just one of my favorite MCR songs :) Anyways..I'm dying my hair black!! I'm excited!! My hair is naturally a light brown-blonde,so I'm excited to go for a dramatic color!!

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The Monsters Inside Us

So I was reading about Tulpas earlier and I realized what they are. There monsters. If you dont know,Tulpas are evil beings of your imagination. You create them as company,to talk to you. They could look like you,or not. But they get you to do bad things. They try to break you down to the point to where you can feel them,as well as hear and see. Its a being of your subconscious. And its evil. It tries to take you over and make it seem like your the imaginative creature and its the real human being. It betrays you and will control you. While reading about them,I realized.

We all have monsters inside us.

Its just a matter of if we let them out or not.

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Mama We All Go To Hell

Ok so,I wanna go see "Mama" The movie,and when I was thinking about it,I thought about how cool it would be if Mama (The song) started playing at the end credits. That would be so cool!!!

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Black hair.....

So im dying my hair black soon!YAY!! I've been wanting to do this for a while,so I'm excited :)

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If you like pop-rock kinda music.... should listen to this :)

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I just found out that LeATHERMOUTH is playing at surf and skate!!!! I don't even know why I'm excited!! Maybe I'm just happy that Frank is happy,haha XD

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Did you get what you deserve? The ending of your life!

Honestly,I believe that I'm gonna die alone. Not because I don't have anyone,but because I'm happiest when I'm alone.

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I can't wait for you to Shut Me Up!

(Ooohh nanana ooohh nanana *Whip*)
Haha so I guess that's all I've been listening to. I'm just in a ''MSI mood'' Haha. I usually have nothing interesting to post...and today is no different. So,until next time, Keep it ugly!!