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Plastic vs Flesh..

You know? The fact that many girls my age and under (21), are so obsessed with looking like the girls on magazines, such as Cosmopolitan, and whatnot...I mean, I don't mind you admiring their beauty and intelligence (if any). But wanting to BE them? That is a little bit too far.

If you ask me, this is what I think: I wear jeans, t-shirts, big hoodies, TOMS or snikers, no makeup, hair down, not a lot of jewelry...and yet I'm beautiful because I am AUTHENTIC...Why would I want to look like someone from a magazine?

I LOATHE plastic surgeries. I think they are the most evil invention ever. Wanna know why? Because they turn you into something you are NOT, and never will be naturally. Media has messed up our view of the meaning of NATURAL BEAUTY.

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My Bad! :3

Ok, so on my last blog, I mentioned that I was engaged, right?

Well, I just noticed that I mentioned a picture, and such picture wasn't uploaded...I'm sorry!
But here it is! That's the lucky guy I am marrying in two years, and the one I will spend my life with, forever.

Comments? Opinions?

~*Fallen Angel*~

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Well....I know this is sorta old news, but here it goes:

I, Fallen Angel Killjoy, am happy to announce that...I AM ENGAGED!! To the handsome gentleman on the picture ^-^

He proposed about a month ago, and you know what's funny? People didn't believe that we were going serious, so the news of our engagement made them shit a live turkey, Lol...

However, we will be having a long engagement because the plan is to marry after we graduate college, which will be in two years...the time will go by fast, I know it ^-^...

Well, that is all. Peace out!

~*Fallen Angel*~

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In Love With the Enemy (story)

"Who would've thought?" spoke James, pulling Nuria softly by the waist, their bodies touched. James chuckled at the irony of the moment.
"You still remember that day?" asked Nuria while softly tracing a thin scar on his bare chest, covered by a layer of thin and light hair. His scar, going from his left collarbone down to the side of his pectoral, seemed to be more of a deep scratch.
"How not to remember it? You almost killed me" answered James, playfully accusing her. Nuria laughed softly.
"I was looking for food, and I took you for a human" she said, almost apologetically.
"Well, I guess I can't blame you. It was nighttime" said James smiling. His smile slowly faded away. Staring at Nuria's intense green eyes, and glancing at times her pale-pink lips, he said:
"That night would mark our destiny". Nuria blinked slowly, agreeing with that statement.

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of today

Ok so my day was marked by three events, one was awesome, the other one was VERY scary, and the other one is very bad:

Good: I got my MCR sleeveless hoodie on the mail!!! So HELL YEA for tyhat one :D, I was SO happy XD
Bad: My boyfriend's cellphone is messed up, and he won't have a cellphone till maybe Monday...which means NOT TALKING TO HIM AT ALL:'(....I will go CRAZY!! Texting and calling is what keeps us communicated...these two days are gonna SUCK :(
Ugly: I have no more than 115 dlls in my bank account...which is not enough for rent, bills, Wrapped tour tickets, and bus ticket to go to Mexico....

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KillJoy name...help me?

Ok I've been wanting to have a KillJoy name, and I've been thinking about a few that could be cool, but could y'all please help me choose one?

Vampire of Death

Turkish Vampirate

Fallen Angel

Black Cat Warrior

Vampire Kitten

Swordgirl of Danger

....those are the ones I've been thinking of....vote!! :D

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Plans for summer...not really -_-

Hey hey!
Well, as the title of my blog says, I have some plans for the summer, and as I explained on my last blog, I'm just basically gonna stay at the apt chillin with my roomies, and sew my corsettes :3

Also, I plan on going down to The Woodlands (south of Houston) for a week and a half to visit my awesome Wolf (that is, my boyfriend), and his family :D...we're planing on going to the Vans Wrapped Tour, but he might be working that day (May 25th, when it hits Houston), and I'm really sad. He'll really try to get that weekend off so wish him luck!

I also plan on going back home (Mexico) to visit my mama and my grandpa, and to have a blast :D...freakin heat is gonna feel like Hell itself -_-...

Anyways, I'm also reading this awesome romantic novel called Highland Wolf, by Hannah Howell...it's freakin AMAZING! I recommended a lot :D

Well killjoys, keep it cool and take it easy
Love y'all!

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Home alone

Pretty much like the movie...I'm home alone...I'm sharing an apartment with my friend, but right now she's not here w/me, she went home for a week and she won't be back on Sunday, w/our new roommate...three girls in one apartment, plus hormones, PMSing...oh dear. I have to say though, I'm the oldest, and that also means that I have the best self-control out of the three. I think before speaking, more mature, and more self-centered (sorry about the brag, it was necessary :P)

ANYWAYS, school is over since a week ago and not going back till August (Hells yeah!!), and so I have this awesome summer project for myself, in which I'm modifying some clothes to make them look more badass..I already made a skirt out of a pair of old black skinnies, and lemme tell ya, I'm SO proud of it, it looks FANTASTIC :D

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I'm back!

Hey guys! I haven't been on since forever! I really missed all of you!

I've been crazy busy with school, work, two school organizations, and friends. Not to mention that today four weeks ago I started dating...ironically enough, my best friend O.o...sounds crazy, but that's how it became to be, and I am SO happy to have him in my life. His name is Clint, and he claims to be a werewolf, Lol...of course I claim to be a vampire :3...so vampire + werewolf = intense fire ;D

Anyway, I'm so glad to be back! XD
Keep it cool, kids :)

PS, on January 23rd was my 21st birthday, so YAY, Lol

Love, Nat ^,..,^

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Day 27

*How Did YOu Discovered Them?
Through a friend of mine, his name is David..and he made me hear Welcome to the Black Parade...I instantly liked them a lot, but I didn0't fell for them till I watched LOTMS Live Performances...I loved them a lot, so yea...