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Can somebody please f&$%ing explain me WHY?!!

Ok, so I've seen SO MANY TIMES many blogs that are not real blogs, but they are advertisement spam that appear in this page, and it has reached my limit. It is driving me crazy and I even want to report all of them because, like all of you know, MCR.com is made for fans, TO fans to have an awesome bond and fellowship and friendship, and all that awesome stuff, but I just don't get why these spamers are allowed to blog in MCR.com!!

Can someone please explain me, before I make something stupid against these spam bloggers?


~*Fallen Angel*~

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Vote NOW! MCR MUST be the winner!


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The Game of Life (stolen, teehee)

[x] You have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
[x] You have your own room.
[x] You own a cell phone.
[x] You have an mp3 player/ipod/discman.
[] Your parents are still married.
[x] You love your family.
T O T A L: 5

[x] You dress the way you want to.
[x] You hang out with friends more than once a week.
[x] There is a computer/laptop in your room.
[x] You have never been beaten up.
[x] You are allowed to listen to the music you want to.
[x] Your room is big enough for you.
[x] People don't use you for something you have.
[x] You have been to the movies.
T 0 T A L: 8

[x] You have over 50 friends on facebook.
[x] You have pictures on facebook.
[x] Your parents let you have a facebook.
[x] You get allowance/loan.(12 bucks a month with no chores baby! next year its $13 then 14 and 15 and so on and so forth)
[x] You collect something normal.
[x] You look forward to going to college.
[x] You don't wish you were someone else.
[] You play a sport.

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Fallen Angel madness...and genius XD

Teehee...so, I started doing the "You are beautiful" thing with sticky notes around my college, but then I found out that the janitors have been taking them down and stuff...

SO, my master plan is to produce a MASSIVE amount of notes, and post them ALL over campus..ALL..in one day...the janitors will be insane, and the girls at my college will have one more reason to smile and to feel beautiful...there are around 191 notes I will post in the girls' bathrooms, all over campus...and it will be FANTASTIC to see their reactions XD...

I will try to do this in Monday morning, in an hour. Wish me luck!

~*Fallen Angel*~

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Teehee...I love these XD

Yeeeaaaa...I'm bored and can't sleep, Lol! I hope you enjoy stealing this from me!
Hugs ^-^

1. Am I single? Nope! ^-^
2. Last relationship? Currently in one for the last year.
3. Crushing on someone? Other than my fiance? No <3
4. What I want for valentines day? He might cook for me and have a date together. I really have nothing to ask, he is my Valentine! ^-^
5. Who has my heart? God, and my fiance <3
6. Am I the jealous type? Sadly, yes. I'm getting over it though! I used to be worse :3
7. Who would I date? Why should I want to date someone else when I'm engaged?! ^-^
8. Last time I cried? The morning of yesterday
9. Favorite song? From MCR, Teenagers. In general, Born This Way from Lady Gaga
10. Something I hate? Judgmental people who don't look themselves in the mirror before pointing fingers
11. Something I love? The simple little details that Clint gives me ^-^
12. Shortest relationship? One month :3

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Not another selfness blog, I promise

Ok, so this is happening at my apartment:
My two roommates, Natalie and Jessica, are in a diet. They are 20 and 15 pounds over their ideal weight, respectively. They want to lose weight and feel good about themselves.

Here is the problem: I am 5 pounds under my "healthy" weight, I eat all I want and gain zero pounds, I have a bright and joyous personality, and I feel great about myself. On top of that, they all have boyfriends, but in my case I have the most romantic, caring, and protective fiance a girl could ask for...so, yea.

On top of them being somewhat jealous of my personality and body, they are envious of me having a great man by my side who kisses me on the corner of the eye, the cheek, and whispers "I love you" to my ear every five minutes. Not that they want him, they want someone LIKE him.

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Be proud of who you are...

You see? I am a devoted Christian, and as such, I believe in God with all my heart, and I feel like I have a personal and special connection with Him...

But, as a Christian, I HATE that so-called "Christians" feel disgust towards homosexual and bisexual people. We as Christians should HELP them in a way and show the same love Jesus showed us all, not discriminate them. I get so mad because it gives us good Christians a terrible name, and an even worse reputation of hatred towards "different" people...

Those people called "freaks" by many bullies and close-minded Christians are actually the sweetest people one has the blessing to have as friend...though, there are their bad ones of course, each group society has its bad ones. Always. But my point is that, it is possible for us Christians to LOVE homosexuals and such...I can. I do it, and I LOVE it.

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Killjoy movie = Jizz!!!! XD...Please sign!!

An idea has been brought up upon us Killjoys….Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys: The MOVIE! It’s got a ring to it as a MOVIE title, eh?
So anyway, if you think that it would be totally and spazztacularly awesome for the MCR guys to try to put something like this together…then sign below! you can put your Killjoy name, your real name, your nickname, your aunts name, your pets name...whatever floats your boat!...as long as you sign it!!!!! hahahaha

Let’s get this petition going, Killjoys!! I’ll start :)
sign in a comment!

once again...for a MOVIE :) <3

1. Cyanide Apocalypse (Kimia P.)
2. Poison Pride (Alexa F.)
3. A Different Kind Of Normal
4. Inhaling Water
5. Killjoy6999
6.BlackOut aka. Dani California
7.Screaming Earthquake (Sami D.)
8. Enya-Rose♥
9. Pain Charm (Remy R.)
10. Death Bomb (bitches cant tame me!:))
11. Fallen Angel (Purest winged vampire on Earth)

"Alright, SOLDIERS GATHER AROUND! Brothers and Sisters in Arms, the time has come again for us to solemnly pack up our gear, hold our heads high and march in unison onto the battlefield. Our enemy is faceless, it could be anyone at any time, but we know them by their sneers, and the bitter hatred they attempt to spread with cruel words. On the twelth of this first month in this New Year we must again take up arms against the common enemy, BULLYING! Most of us have been at the wrong end of this hatred, and yes it often feels like staring down the barrel of a gun. Some of us have even lost fellow Soldiers to this crime and as the Black Parade says we now have to "Carry On" without them. By no means an easy task. However it's for fallen comrades we march on, for those that do not have a voice, or are simply to terrified to speak up. For THEM we have to move forward and STOP THE HATE.

OK. So me and my Facebook friends have been discussing some of the hardships the MCRmy has been facing. The fighting, the "fan girls", the fan fictions and the band itself. Old fans have lost faith, they believe the "new" MCRmy is going to shit. But I am here to help it stay just as ugly as it was from the very first day this band started, back in the dirty and dangerous New Jersey.
So here is a guide back to the new comers that might need a helping hand coming into this community. And not just the newcomers, but for fans find they are losing their way. I learned all of these on my own, but I know not everyone else does. So...here we go.

1.) Rule 1- "Fan girls", not welcome.