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Killjoys in Middle Europe

Calling for all Killjoys in Middle Europe ! Join us on our facebook page here!/home.php?sk=... ! We´re gonna build a big community, but we need your help.
Keep running


i´m so bored, that i decided to do my homework :/ ..

A Prayer

last time i prayed, it´s about 7 moths ago... it was night before i wanted to say to a boy that i like him... and i haven´t prayed since then... but this night i will pray... i´ll pray for Japan and all people there... and for people in Libya... and for all people that need help

What if???

sometimes i think... this earthquake in Japan... fights in Libya... predictions that world will end in 2012... other predictions that in November 2011 will begin the World War III... what if something will really happen? something big that no one expected... what if a real apocalypse will arise? what if the world will have to change? and in some years it will look exactly like in Dangerous Days... maybe it´s silly, but now i´m really afraid of the future...

Last day of Holiday ...

nice week is gone... back to school, this powerless institution which should give us something called education but mostly fails... back to a never-stopping rollercaoster of stress, short sleeping and depression...
Hooray into usual activities :/:):DxDD