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I just realized my brother is playing this :D:D it´s awesomee :D

Oh shit...

Today my art teacher made problems (as usual). He wants us to go early for lunch and then the other teachers are angry, and no matter whose fault it is, we are always the worst. And somehow he found a status on facebook I wrote in September. IN SEPTEMBER. Fuck, it´s 8 moths ago!!! And I don´t wanna get in trouble because of someone as stupid as him. What now???

What to think...

today I went to the school I want to go the next year. and somehow my parents didn´t mind listening to Danger Days. That was perfect :D:D. And then the school... The master is probably the most awfull stupid mother fucking piece of shit I´ve ever seen! He ruined my day :/


Today I went out with my friends. We went to a pancake restaurant. I was eating. Some kind of music TV was on. And then it came... I heard some voices I know. IT WAS PLANETARY!!! I started to cough because my pancake was stuck somewhere in me. Then I took my phone and phoned my friend. It was like: "Nika, you won´t believe what they´re playing!" !OK, tell me. What are they playing?" "Planetary!!!" then I heard a scream :D. I ran to the middle of the restaurant so I could see the TV. Wow, I almost cries.

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My teacher told me about some kind of competition. We have to write an essay and the topic is "How human doesn´t lose humanity." And as I listen MCR, I have a perfect inspiration. I want to write something like a newspaper article from year 2019... What do you think???


MTV World Stage is starting NOW!!!!!!!


i´m ill since friday, but i decided to play on a concert with our orchestra.. 3 concerts for high schools.. and i thought that it would be bad, BUT it went perfect :D and i was sitting in a van with accordions, combos and all that stuff during the way back :D i love my music school


Ok, i think the biggest present for Gerard will be when MCR wins. So vote!

Happy birthday

Happy birthday, Gerard Way.
We wish you all the best.
We love you soooooooooooooooooooo much!!!