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you know what they do to girls like us in prison(school)

I CAN'T bear this! If I were hit by a truck, I wouldn't feel anything... yes, it sounds optimistic but it's how I'm feeling right now.
I'm beeing pressured by all everywhere but specially at school... I'm like a zombie: I wake up, have breakfast, dress etc, I go to school, I do my homework, have a shower, have dinner and sleep, wake up, have breakfast, dress etc, I go to school, I do my homework, have a shower, have dinner and sleep, wake up...
I feel as if I was in prisooon!!!
And I'm sick of not "being able" to see HIM!!!!:(
well...I stop

not my day...

Today isn't my day. I've come back to "school"(I think it's like a prison) and I'm really really really crazy in love...the problem is that I can't see him!!! And this feeling is killing me. And I'm having a very very bad time as a teenager: I can't stop crying and I hate crying! I don't know why but the MCR's song "DEAD" makes me happy today^^.
Ok, I stop:)


I wish you the best and having lots of presents :p

(A great present could be the Wilshire Phant-o-matic Epiphone guitar designed by Frank and signed by MCR...^^ jajaja).

Love :)


what can I say?
I' m exhausted... I hate the school... Everyday I'm thinking about last holidays (THE BEST)...
If MCR didn't exist, I wouldn't be there...



right now I'm in holidaaaay!!!:)))))
my summertime has arrived


'm so tired...
've been running since this morning...
it's not my day...
can someone tell me if it's normal when a guy who don't know me is always looking at me, approaching me and then, "dodging" me????

don't understand...

why are they so perfect???
(don't need to answer this question)

and i DON'T understand why my parents won't let me go to a concert!!!
its MY life!

if they don't let me go, i'll run away, sure ;)

Fuckin'world... the only hope 4 me is MCR!

right now i'm like this :'/