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First day at school... S.O.S!

OMG My first day at school has been awful... Everybody starts stressing you and I don't know lots of my classmates...and I'm with one I detest...

And the worst of all is that my holidays has finished and I had the very best time of my live...


1st of all: Congratulations MCR for winning the Kerrang award and love the 2 ghost's story :)

2nd: this is my second day of summer holidays and it's really hooooot... T.T

3rd: I've learnt how to put on contact leanses!!! (And I'm very proud of it because I did it all alone, without help, in 15 minutes).

4th: I can't remove the lenses. o.0 (HELP!).


Today is one of those boring, sad days... and I don't know why.
I mean, it's a strange feeling like: what can I do? why am I here? I don't want to do anything. It's like I were dead for one day and it's fu**ing annoying. The only thing I want to do is listening to MCR but my CDplayer has decided not to work and I don't know why I'm explaining this because I'm sure that if someone is reading this, he/she will probably thinking WTF I'm saying.
so, don't think I'm crazy ;)


I'm like a very stressed zombie. hmmm, I don't know if it really exists ;p.
(It's really interesting hahah).

what I think ( I don't know what title I could write;) )

If there is something I really hate that's people who want you to be another way. Yes, I prefer black instead of pink, I don' t want to go shopping everyday but I prefer going to concerts, I don't listen to Justin Bieber but I LOVE My Chemical Romance, I don't wanna be popular because I don't want to be it and NOBODY is gonna change me!!!! I am what I am and I don't care about the others opinion because they aren't good persons, everybody is like everybody and it's really boring to be as the others. It's like a robot's world, this is F***** !
I don't know if I 'm just being paranoid or if

I hate beeing a teenager.

It's the first time of my life I'm feeling this. I can't stay in front of a school book, I only want to sleep until summer holidays and I can't stop crying because I just wanna go out there and I start crying for everything but I DON'T want to do it!!! And yesterday, when I was at the doctor's, he told me I should take vitamins to be happier. I don't understand it at all. This world is mad :s
And yeah, my big problem is that I'm really in loove with a guy but I can't see him and I can't tell I'm just depressed for that because my family would say "You are too young to be in love..." etc.etc.

an other ordinary day

That is so boring! I want to go on vacation, save myself from this town, forget everything and never come back! I want to be free and do and say what I want!

The worst Valentine's day of my life

I really don't know why but I 'm so very sad and I just want to cry and cry...
I'm listening to "I don't love you" and "disenchanted".
Love is sometimes very painful so the best to think for me is:
When you go
Would you even turn to say
"I don't love you
Like I did
And it makes me feel better.


You know I'm not very optimistic...
I'm in love with a boy but I can't see him and I dream EVERY night with him. Am I obsessed?
I'll change the topic... today I was arriving late to my English class with a mate and suddenly a teacher shouted to us: COME HERE!!! U'R ARRIVING LATE!!!!!
She made us enter in a class full of boys older than us and with our principal teacher looking at us with a very very very funny face like: o__0? I'm sure she was thinking WTF we were doing here... When we arrived to go out we both started laughing. LOL.
Yes, I know it's boring but I just wanted to write

wanting holidays

Who doesn't want holidays??? (well, if you love studying/working probably not ^^).
I know it's not very interesting... but I'm sooooo bored and I just want to sleep until someone wakes me up saying: "you have finished school!!!".
But I will have to wait some months that will pass sooooo slooow...
The only things that help me to go on are family, friends&music.
Really, if music didn't exist, I' d be probably dying.
I have to write a poem for school... which topic do you prefer:love or death?
'cause I don't really know which is the best.