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So sleepy.

I am falling asleep literally on my homework. The weather is awful and it doesn't help. I'm scared coz I think I'm falling for a guy and that's not good. Not now at least. I'm such a disaster. I NEED FRESH AIR OMG!!!! *start acting crazy*

Already tired... and it's Monday TT.

That's not good at all... I can't sleep as I used to. Last night was particularly difficult and this makes my dark circles look even worse than they usually look, my eyes burn and worst of all, I don't know what I do. I mean yes, I know what I am doing but it's like I don't think about it and I can't feel almost anything (which is sometimes great but maybe not when I have to be very attentive in class ^^) and I only want to sleep but have to wait for 9 or 10 hours until I'm able to do it. And then , at night I can't sleep :(

How Could I...

Forget that yesterday was MIckey's birthday!!!!! I'm such a disaster!!!

So, Happy birthdayy Mickey!!!! I hope you enjoyed it!!! :)

Hey again.

So my summer ended, which is something I don't like but school is at least interesting... But I'm asleep like all the time, and nervous even if sometimes I don't know why... (that's weird).
I finally got rid of my depressive thoughts about that person I once loved (^^) but he appears in my dreams!!! Aaaah!!! It's impossible to forget him even if it's over... and my friends don't understand me (yeah, like almost always) and tell me to forget about him but they are constantly reminding me of him... SO? I already told EVERYBODY it was over for meee!!!
I want/need to travel somewhere far away from here... I need to calm down but here it's impossible. I'm messing things up with death (yeah what a happy post) because everyone seems to die today and I want to cry but I can't 'cause I just don't want to think anymore... OK I need to sleep and I really hope tomorrow will be an awesome day to think about other things.
This blog is weird... I just needed to write this down somewhere...

Don't want the summer to end.

I'm living like in a fantasy bubble... And I don't want this feeling to end. Never.
Agh. Coming back to "reality" and goodbyes are probably one of the things I hate the most when summer ends. It doesn't have to be a real goodbye but having to leave your freedom sensation is something hard to me as during the rest of the year I feel like I was a doll manipulated by the others and the summer is my moment to be me, to think, to have my time... But well, I'll be happy in Halloween and Christmas etc. But I still feel a bit nostalgic.
Why am I posting this? Because I felt like doing it, even if an hour later I think this sounds stupid.
I hope you all had a great summer :)

My top 10 obsessions atm.

So I was bored and all alone and suddenly I thought: hey, let's do that.
Here are my top 10 obsessions at the moment:
- Ice cream (all flavours, really).
- This website ^^.
- Make up (when I was little I promised I would never wear it... and look at me now ):p.
- Hair chalk ( I had yesterday my first hair chalk after dreaming with it for about 3's fantastic. mine's blue).
- All from Harry Potter (I've already read the books at least 4 times. lol. I'm so insane)
- Stephen King (well, his books, not him lol).
- red contacts (but can't convince my parents XD)
- Dreamcachers (Idk

Does the perfect neighbor exist?

Because I have my doubts...
Mine are always arguing, or have birds that start singing really early in the morning, which means that yeeeesss I can't sleep, or they decide to build something, or shout to the phone or decide to buy shoes that are incredibly noisy... I can't remember of a single day in my life when it has been peaceful. Really, I'm not exagerating this time. I'm thinking of moving on to a desert island. When I have to study, it's impossible, when I need to sleep, it is horrible, and when I can, someone decides to celebrate a f****g party.


I'm super bored right now :( I don't know what to do!!! Any suggestion?


OMGOMGOMGOMFG I'm so excited!!!!!
People who live in my country don't have the same music tastes as me so... It's really hard for me to find the CD's I want. Every year it becomes more and more difficult.

It's over.

Today is the beginning of the end.
Yesterday was a strange day... I finally did my exams (hope I've done well) and I now I have officially nothing to do. wooohoo XD
But... (there's always a but) it was the last time I'll see him in my life if my destiny is cruel and if not maybe one day we'll meet again. When I looked at him all was happiness but now all I can see is darkness (sounds tragic ;) ). And people tell me: "forget him.