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Pues vaya

Pues eso.
Menudo día llevo. O semana.
Porque siempre acabo haciendo algo mal.
Nunca consigo contentar a todos los que quiero a la vez.
A veces creo que debería callarme según qué cosas. Pero entonces pasa algo y no soy capaz.
A veces todo me da igual. Otras me desvivo por todos a los que considero importantes.
Al final una se cansa y ya no sabe qué hacer.
¿Cómo consigo complicarme tanto la vida? A saber.

Why this is not a phase

Im pretty sure i was 13 when i started listening to MCR

In the beginning, the people i knew were like oh this is a dark phase shes going through
I knew back then they were all wrong

Im 20 now and i feel exactly the same and i get weird looks for it but i dont care anymore
Perhaps its their problem, not mine
I know people who like them but pretend they dont only to be seen as "cool" which i personally dont understand
Surprisingly enough my parents have always been quite supportive and my closest friends have even tried listening to them (and ended up liking some of their songs)

I still listen


S'il y a quelqu'un qui parle français dans ce site, pardonne moi, ça fait longtemps que je ne parle ni écris le français (en fait depuis que j'ai fini la Terminale et personne chez moi peut me parler xp c'est triste).
Je devrais prattiquer toutes les langues que je parle mais ce n'est pas possible: les gens que je connais ne parlent pas l'italien (bon, mon italien est horrible mais j'aimerais bien avoir quelqu'un capable de me corriger haha) et ça fait bizarre de parler français ou anglais avec mes amies du lycée car on a toujours parlé en espagnol (quand même je parle en anglais avec mon

I don't know


To S ❤


Thank you for making me smile every single day, even when I'm down, for being so caring, for reassuring me every single time I'm nervous (almost every day), for your patience, for not giving up on me and for your love. You mean everything to me and I wish you could see how you make me feel.

I thought my birthday would not be great but again you are making it so special (your present made me cry out of happiness but shhhhhh it's a secret haha).

I love you


So I'm back after a long time but I need to say something

Thanks to MCR and this community I met my boyfriend 3 years ago. Although it's been hard because we don't even live in the same country, we have become stronger and I couldn't be happier. Now I can't wait to finish my studies and finally be able to move in (We can't see each other as much as we would like).
He has saved me several times and he is the best person I have ever met.
So thank you for this opportunity
I never thought I could feel like this

Hi again

Hmm this is strange... I thought the community would never come back... But it has and I'm glad but it makes me feel extremely weird...
My old messages and some blogs I wrote are still disappeared but yaay let's post new things like:

When the fake smile vanishes

I just need to write this down somewhere but no one is forced to read because it will probably be boring (just warning).

1...I've always supported my friends when they have had a hard time. Have they ever done the same with me? NEVER. I'm tired of having to wipe their tears every single time and when it's me who is living in hell I find myself alone. Then one day they ask me if I am ok.


I have the strange feeling that something painful (for me) is about to happen... Id like to think Im just a bit paranoid about it but... Ive never been wrong... And I dont know what to do

Too. much. homework.

And god that's soooo boring *faints*