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I am happy so far because...

I have successfully learned the intros to WTTBP, I'm Not Okay, and Disenchanted on my piano! Its fantastic considering my piano skills! :3

Am I the only one...

that thinks when you report something like a page on Facebook you should be able to report it as awesome?

I'm excited for today!

I get to go to six flags with my friends today! I hope my friends will ride all the rides with me, I'm an adrenaline junky haha. Any other killjoys going to six flags today? If so, killjoys make some noise!

Oh. My. God.

I watched the new MCR interview on MCR5 and I have one word about it. Amazing! I'm sorta sad though, my parents argued a few hours ago and my dad drove away in his car, he still isn't home, I don't know what to do.


Today I successfully learned some more of WTTBP on piano! I can now play about 1/4 of the song! Within a few days I might actually be able to play it! I'm happy and excited! And even happier that the annoying girl that I talked about earlier just left! Now the real party begins! Haha

Help me!

Later today I will have a person come over to my house, she is extremely annnoying, a control freak, and super clingy, she is bad enough that her parents forced me to promise I would be there to hang out because last time I managed to avoid it. What's worse is that she is a bieber and and 1D fan! Ugh! Give me strength and wish me luck MCRmy! I'd rather not blow up in her face. I'll be needing you and MCR's music to help me get through today. Maybe I could get out some of my Marilyn Manson cds....

I have done it!

I have learnt and mastered the intro of Welcome to the Black Parade on my piano! Now to attempt to learn the rest of the song.... Wish me luck!

Congrats Gerard!

I know this has already been said a hundred times on here but I shall say it again! Happy eight year sober/clean anniversary! Let's see if we can go ten years! We love you!

I had quite an interesting day

My day started with being rushed out the door to go to lunch before I had to go to the dentist. I was going to go get a filling, so after lunch we would head straight to the dentist office, I forgot that I would need to brush my teeth before I went there so my grandma grabbed a tooth brush and some tooth paste before we left. She then told me that I was going to brush my teeth in the Red Robin bathroom, after one lost argument I was just standing there awkwardly brushing my teeth. Once at the dentist office I was given the laughing gas because I have a fear of needles.

Ahh! My eyes!

I watched The Ghost of You music video again and I cried my eyes out. My eyes hurt now from all the tears!