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Help vote!

On the MTVLA website vote for MCR on the fan olympics! No matter what country you are in! We have to beat the damn jonas brothers! Please!


The Black Parade is here! Now I have the black parade and danger days! Happiness! Now I go back to waiting on LOTMS and TCFSR and work for money to buy IBYMBYBMYL!

I'm happy!

My danger days cd is here! I screamed and jumped up and down when it got here! Now I wait for TCFSR, the black parade, and LOTMS! Any day now!

Tomorrow I will be back at school!

I am really dreading this and I am super stressed out! I have very few if any friends! I hate that hell hole! Hopefully I'll find a killjoy or two at my school, help keep me from destroying all the bieber and 1D fans that populate my school. Wish me luck guys!

I'm excited!

Later on my tv there will be an MCR concert! Its radio 1's big weekend out 2011! If you have comcast its on palladia channel 671! I don't care if its on from 11-1 in my area! I will blare it anyways! Haha

I feel so unwanted :'(

The last time I ate was at 9am (its almost 6 now) so im pretty hungry so I go to ask my mom in the kitchen if I can have a snack and she tells me dinner will be ready around 7:30 and that I need to wait for dinner but I tell her I haven't eaten in awhile and im shaking from low blood sugar so I ask again but she yells at me, "no! You will wait! Now get the fuck out of my kitchen and go back to being an antisocial in your cave!" FML :'(

What songs should I learn?

I've gotten bored and I want to learn some new songs to play on my piano, any recommendations?


Where can I buy MCR's 1st album (I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love)? I want it to be the physical (not digital!) cd, brand new, and if I could buy it online please!!! Thank You!


I was just about to buy Danger Days with the giftcard I got for my birthday but when I went on the site it was down for maintenance! Why did you do this to me!?! Why!?

Today is a happy day!

I am just singing and dancing to my music and having not a care in the world! Its rare that this happens to me! I never want this to end!