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Did you know...

...that you can send messages to yourself on this site! I've been talking with myself for a little while! FOREVER ALONE! Message me please, so I don't seem as much of a crazy person who chats with herself, I want to talk to some one outside of my head!

\m/ (>.<) \m/

Haha epic emoticon! Ugh my day was a bad one! It started with riding the bus and having these two rude ass chicks pick on me and then be very ungreatful for what they have. Then a few tests and a ton of work later im in last period and my teacher comes up to me and takes my pencil bag and told me that I can't have these here! WTF! Why does everyone else get to keep theirs then! Ugh and then getting back on the bus to be picked on again and teased by the dumbfucks that ride it, one of them told me to shave my nose, I have no idea what that was about!


Hi everybody! I'm bored! If I didn't have school tomorrow I would stay up until the Professional Griefers music video came out! I hate school! It ruins almost everything! I wish I could find some more members of the MCRmy there! AnyWay, message me! I need somebody to talk to! Well, maybe not tonight since its late and I have to get up early, but still! Message me and I will try to message back as soon as possible! Probably in about 20 hours! Ha ha I'm so bored I did math! That's how bad it is!

Can you guess what this blog is about? XD


Ugh I can't sleep!

Its 2:50 am for me right now and I have school in a few hours, and my not being able to sleep is going to make me a terrific person to be with later today :P


I just found my lost kitty! She was locked in the neighbor's garage! She's home! Im so happy right now I can't even describe it! :'3

I can't stop crying

My cat went missing 3 days ago and I can't find her. She is my best friend, the only one that understands me, keeps me happy. I live next to a big field with lots of coyotes, foxes, and birds of prey that prey on cats and small dogs. I've already lost a cat before from being eaten, I can't have this happen to me again. I have no more will power to do anything. :'(


I ordered a Marilyn Manson cd but my parents don't know about my liking of the dark music and stuff and I'm not home and my mom just texted me asking what's in a package that she found in the mail with my name on it! If I tell her what it is she won't approve at all because she loves pop music and she'll think I need help! What do I tell her is in the package? I don't think she'll make me open it in front of her, but if I tell her its something like a toy for my cat she'll open it without me! HELP!


On MTVLA's fan olympics killjoys have 51%! Take that jonas brothers! Haha we can and will win this! Please vote!

We still need your help!

On the MTVLA website there is fan olympics going on with MCR and the jonas brothers fans! Overnight (for me that is) we went up 1%! Now we are tied 50/50 with the jonas brothers! We still need to vote though! We can win this thing! Vote please!