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Hey! I have an idea!

We should all take over right now! Either go to the spy question mode and ask something MCR related or put MCR in you likes/interests box! Let's make this like a flashmob!

Look! Its so cute!

My new cactus!

I open up to one person and look what happens!

I get screwed over! Last time I am ever going to open up to someone close to me, never again! Fml!

My neighbor is an asshole!

He decided that today he would run up to me, throw trash at me, scream in my ear, call me names, and a ton of other shit then walk away laughing! Im tempted to egg his house tonight...

My most prized possessions!

I have all of the MCR cds and all the TDG cds! Now if they both could just release the new ones already! I also just ordered all of BVB's cds! They need to hurry up and release their new cd too! AnyWay! How is life for you guys?

I just realized...

That since we are all looking forward to october then it will take even longer to get here >_< why do you hate us so much time? Why?!


I JUST EXPLODED! THE NEW ALBUM!!!! Just dijsehjsidh I CAN'T EVEN! Just djwjeisjrdyefjsjisowiwng

Google, "sassy diva" on google images

I bet you can't guess who will show up! AnyWays, my teeth hurt, I got my braces tightened and stuff, but they're blue now lol


My school did absolutely NOTHING today to remember and honor 9/11! We would usually listen to the principle talk about it over the intercom or have a moment of silence or ANYTHING! But this year nothing happened! I was pissed at the end of the day because not even a single teacher talked about the events! Sorry I'm ranting but this made me angry!

I may sound like a bad person when I say this...

But without 9/11 happening then there would be no MCR, so, I guess, in a way, this day is good? Gah! I can't put things into words! But this interview Gerard did is perfect for today!