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I have so many CD's! My newest addition is Transit of Venus! And before you ask where I got bullets from, I got it from! I think I may have a CD obsession... XD

Today is going to be a good day!

It's cold outside with a high of 50 so I'm just going to hang out at my house and just read books and listen to MCR and other music and drink nice hot tea! I don't have any coffee >_< but today will be a good day!

I just saw Frankenweenie!

It was amazing! You need to go see it!

So beautiful!

The loves of my life!

I am not a sore loser

You are just a cheater, and soap has always been on my side.


MsUglyFace and I have sent 500 messages back and forth! Omfg! That's crazy!

I have found the best radio station ever!!!

This station has played evanescence, avenged sevenfold, three days grace, queen, marilyn manson, slipknot, nirvana, and a ton of other amazing artists within the past hour!!! I'm just waiting on MCR or BVB to come on! Never gonna turn off this station! It's 106.7 KBPI in Denver :'3

My most prized possesions updated!

I love my cds so much! Haha I nearly died every time one of them got here XD

Probably the best MCR cover I've found so far!

I love it! Famous Last Words sounds so amazing on the violin and piano!

I was singing this all day!

Love this song, along with all the other MCR songs of course! I've had it stuck in my head all day, I wish my Black Parade cd had all the b-sides on it!