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6 years!

Happy 6 year anniversary black parade! We love you!


Today was a pretty good day! I hung out and looked at my dad's cds and omg they are amazing! There's over 500! All of them rock bands like ac/dc, rush, the police, led zeppelin, Paul mccartney, and so many others! And I didn't even know he had all these!! :3 and then while he was organizing he found his kindle fire and gave it to me! He never has used it and now it shall be put to good use! Or at least entertainment for me! I mean music, Internet, movies, books and all kinds of stuff in one! Sorry if I'm bragging its just that I'm very happy about this!

Pretty good friday

I went with my friend to starbucks and we got some yummy coffee and pastries :3 I was going to go look at ipods but I totally forgot >_< oh well! I will eventually! I can't believe I already did all my homework... I don't have to do any over the weekend... *le gasp* now what to do with my life... hmmm...

Pretty good day

In one of my classes today I sit next to one of my friends who is a major mcr fan also so while she was retaking a test, people who passed it the first time got to chill and do whatever so I pulled out my ipod (before the incident, more eventually) and turned it up loud enough so she could hear it too XD it was fun! But sadly, while walking home, I was dancing and forgot that my ipod was in my hands so I accidentally threw it down the street and killed it!

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

1) Height? 5'8''
2) Virgin? Yes
3) Shoe size? 12 (I'm a girl... eep!)
4) Sexual orientation? Pansexual
5) Do you smoke? NO
6) Do you drink? NO
7) Do you take drugs? NO
8) Age you get mistaken for? 15 or 16
9) Have tattoos? No
10) Want tattoos? I wish, never going to be allowed any
11) Have piercings? 2 per ear lobe
12) Want piercings? Nose and Lip
13) Best friend? What is this friend you speak of? Merh idk
14) Biggest turn ons? Guys with sort of long black hair (around chin-shoulder)
16) Biggest turn offs? Rudeness
17) Favorite movie? Life on the Murder Scene
18) I will love you if... you say

Could you guys please read this?

I am co-writing an original fictional story with my friend and we would love if you could read it! It's about this one guy who gets possessed by a demon but what they think they should do about it is completely wrong. I can't really explain it well so you should read it and put me out of my misery of trying to use words. If you could please read it then give me feedback and possibly recommend and subscribe that would be great! The picture is of the two main characters of the story: Lucas and Crystal!

Eating ice cream in cold weather

Yup! I do it a lot ha ha so one of my friends and I are writing an original story and we would LOVE if you could read it! It's on mibba and to read it you need to have an account but it only takes a second to make one! It is a demon possession story and so far we have 7 chapters up! We are working on the 8th right now! Please read it and leave comments, subscribe, and recommend! We love feedback and we want to make our story as good as possible! Thanks!

I have lost all respect in my neighbor

I don't know if any of you guys have heard about what's been happening in Colorado but there's been a child abduction recently and just now on my TV an alert came on saying that the girl who was abducted was found murdered and that the amber alert is over. My neighbor thought this was funny and decided to have a laughing fit. How on fucking earth is the murdering of a ten year old girl funny!?! How!?! And the killer is still out there! Where she was abducted is only about a 20 minute drive from my house! God, I'm just fucking pissed! This world is an ugly place.

So long and goodnight! If you have not read any of shendo's blogs you need to. She passed away this morning. May she rest in peace. My paint may be crappy and I'm a crappy artist but I tried.

This song...

My friend and I have been singing this all day XD the looks we got haha