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Its meeeeeee!!!

I usually avoid cameras so... the only reason why I took this pic was because my hair looked awesome and I was wearing my MCR pin X3 But now you guys know what I look like!

Haven't blogged in forever

Yet I've been on this site almost every day! I've had nothing to blog about so I haven't. I was wondering, would you guys like to see a picture of me? I have found an actual somewhat okay looking picture of me so I thought I might share it! Anyways! Message me! I looove messages haha


I got a new ipod today! :3 Let's see if I can actually keep this one for a while without killing it! Haha anyways im really happy I have a working ipod again! My last ones I had were a nano and a touch, the touch's screen got badly cracked and partially fell out and the nano's battery would only last about 30mins and would skip songs without me telling it to! I can't believe it has 160GB! What will I do with it all! :3 Its been a good day for me! How about you guys?

Can anybody give me a link?

A lot of people are talking about sing being performed on the voice recently and I don't watch tv at all so I didn't see it! Can anybody possibly give me a link so I can watch it?

This makes me feel so many things

This song... I can't even describe what or how it makes me feel, but it does.

Happy Birthday Frank!

Happy Ieroween!

My cat loves to watch videos

She is watching nature videos on youtube, squirrels, birds, fish, she loves them! Its so cute! For twenty minutes she's been watching them! :3 my cat is highly amusing!

Follow me on twitter!

@cshelbee I will follow you back!

Ohmahgod! The new cover is out! But where is it! GAAHH!!!!

Hey guys!

I found some new music from a band called "Unparalleled Height" they are pretty good! Check them out! They are similar to TDG