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i was bored haha. so i drew blonde Gerard!

Another nameless poem..

I really suck at coming up with titles. or maybe I'm just too lazy.. idk but here's another poem:

I wake up,
Open my eyes
Curse myself for dreaming up lies
I shake it off
Get out of bed
Say good morning
To the ghosts in my head.
No response.
I go on
Glance out at the miserable dawn
Look in the mirror
Look at me
Turn away when i don't like what i see.
I don't like what i see.

I just want to escape.
I want to believe
That everything i do
Has some kind of meaning.
And i need to know
That you still see
There is so much more
Than mistake in me.

please let me know what you all think of it :)


i wrote this today in math class...

Until this moment, i never new
The words you spoke to me were true.
Of all the dark mornings,
Of the thousands of warnings,
You'd think I would've come around.
But your voice is muffled by the sound
Of my own thoughts, my worries, my dreams.
My sight is blurred by the echoe of your screams.
And your scream, it bores itself deep in my mind
Until I'm forced to leave this world behind.
Nothing i do will dull the sting,
And nothing i do will change a thing,
I bury myself. I've dug a whole too deep
In this blackened pit, i leave my soul to reap.

someone get me out of this place

Right now, I'm sitting in the middle of a sea of ignorance a.k.a. English class. I'm not gonna pretend to be a genius because I'm not. But I go to an all girls' Catholic school where religion is forced upon me and I'm surrounded by stuck up bitches who only care about their tans and how wasted they're gonna get this weekend and all they do is gossip about people they don't even know. This school doesn't know what individuality is. We walk around the halls in our identical plaid skirts and navy blue sweaters and our identical brown shoes and all our hair pulled back in pony tales.

First Post! an untitled poem..

An attempt to channel my crazy emotions through poetry:

You saw yourself in disguise,
Your life through someone else’s eyes,
One truth ended the string of lies,
And what was seen could not be recognized.

Your disguise was gone without a trace,
The mask ripped off your dismal face,
And the webs you had woven with seeming grace
Fell apart in your hands like brittle lace.

As they fell apart, so did your other life.
I felt the truth pierce me like a knife.
In that moment, a new knowledge was rife,
When I saw you had caused this terrible strife.

You glimpsed at your illusions of fate,
How simple