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Guys! :D<3

Okay, so me and my friend who is crazy for mcr (kinda like me, huh?) have made a page on facebook. Like it? It'll be funny witty and pretty kickass :D<3

Um, two topics so its unfair to post one title :3

Frank? Single? What?!?! OMG, as soon as this comes out, it shall be on my IPod! :3 Its really cute that he went from doing drugs and drinking to doing songs for Disney :') <3

Alsoooooo.......HAPPY ANNIVERSARY GERARD AND LYN-Z! <3 I love you guys so much!<3<3 Its been 5 years now, and over here in England Its the Third of September, but ahh well :) Best of wishes for you guys in the future too :D Also, if Gerard does read this (Which he probably won't) Send Bandit my love too!<3

I've literally just come back from Blackpool, It was pretty awesome :D I got a really nice new school bag,

G3rard :P <3


Okay, I'm in an amazingly good mood. My new school bag shall be of mcr :3 I'll ignore the emo shit and wear it with pride xoxo I can still be a killjoy without slitting my wrists, bloody hell :')
AAAAAnyway, I can't beleive that Deadmau5 won the robot fight with G3rard! :o I was gutted, bro!
That stupid cat -.- I never really liked cats much anyways :P
Okay, now I'm probably going to go and eat turkey then write a song :') Wish me luck killjoys xx
Keep Running x


Okay, so one of my friends on facebook posted that MCR are coming to the UK ~ Newcastle in february 2013~ and I wanted to know weather the rumours were true.
SERIOUSLY? THEY'RE COMING TO THE UK? ARGH ARGH ARGH!!! if its just a rumour ill be gutted -.-

Gee! <3

Well, happy birthday gee! love you so much, you are my complete idol and i respect you in every way, (get it, every Way! ;D) have a really great birthday and I hope that you get what you wanted xo
Wishing Lyn-Z and Bandit the best too, not to forget Mikey, Frank and Ray! <3
EmilyMCRWood x

Random Song Outburst

Hai (again today 0_o)

Just thought i'd say how awesome it is that when you come onto the site it bursts out into a random MCR song xox :P


Hai (again today 0_o)

Just thought i'd say how awesome it is that when you come onto the site it bursts out into a random MCR song xox just sayin :P

Every Little T'ing...

Okay, so because I like MCR I'm now a Lesbian Emo. This is completely stupid. Dunno 'bout you guys, but I'm an individual, not a sheep. I like what I like. Get. Over. It.
Miserable stuff over with, I'm thrilled that my hair is in, like, 40 plaits now so it will be really wavy and zigzagy tomorrow. Lookin' like Bob Marley :D x

Famous last words :)


Okay, so my guitar teacher Geoff is teaching me to play Famous Last Words on guitar at the minute. I just recently got the Emily the Strange Epiphone for christmas, and it sounds really great. Just practising the song is killing my fingers though :') .

This is also my first blog entry too, considering I only joined yesterday. MCR are pretty much my ENTIRE life x

EmilyMCRWood xxxxx