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My Tumblr <3

Hai! <3
Okay, so I'll be mainly on my tumblr now, because its a lot better than the log on here. I will post on here sometimes, just way more often on my tumblr. I'll try to put a link to it somehow on my profile <3<3

Keep running,
<3<3<3 Emily xo

Shitty Poo

Hai :P

I am....................confused :$ I have no idea what to do, not at all :$
My boyfriend is so sweet and nice, but I'm not sure I feel anything for him any more. Does that make me a bad person? :$ My friend got us together way before I could even decide weather I liked him properly or not, and she rushed us into things, like trying to get us to hug and make out in front of her. We've been going out for about 10 days, people! Fucking slow down! :P
Anyway...........yeah :') <3<3<3
Au revoir! <3

Boyfriends and shit x

Haii! <3
Omgomgomg, I have the sweetest BF ever! <3 We've only been going out two days, and I'm not one of those people who think its love after two minutes :$ But he is super nice! :D xoxox
Anddd, My whole christmas list is MCR. 76 DAYS, AHHH! :D <3<3<3
LoveYah! <3<3<3
Emilahhhh :P xo

A Band and Doomsday

Haiii! <3
Okay, so me and my friends were talking today, and we might start a band!! EEk! <3 <3<3 We were gonna call ourselves 'Fairytale Expectations', so comments on the name would be nice :P Its a MCR/BVB style band, with maybe a little Indie thrown into it. Arghh! <3
The only thing is, they want me to sing. I'm not amazing, but I suppose I'm okay.
I've noticed that last year everyone was going crazy on how theres going to be an apocalypse/meteor/volcano/earthquake/tsunami/hurricane/solar flare that would disintegrate Earth/disaster, and now it's 2012 and nobody gives a shit.

Gee dress up! :D
Wow, been a little while huh? :3

Wow, so its been a while huh?Not much has happened, really. I'm forever in love with MCR as usual, and one of my bedroom walls is now covered in posters. A'ha :')<3
Oh, and I'm learning the riff from Thank You For The Venom on guitar............My guitar happens to be particularly sexy though....., I must be crazy.
That riff's hard bro! (Thats what she said)
Oh, and This Son Is A Curse is bloody amazing! :D<3<3 I actually love it! :D<3
Like this page? Its amazing, I'm the admin VenomExploder :) <3<3<3
I've vowed, If we get 100 likes I'll create another random admin from the

Ugh! X(

Hai :(
Okay, today's been a bad day. I got tortured for hours about the type of music that I'm into. I got called the following:
Emo Freak Inbred Weirdo Goth Loner Bitch Prick Dick Tit
The horrible people started insulting the baand, and it ripped my heart out. it was like they took the one thing that I could depend on and ripped it to shreds before my eyes. I was shaking with anger, and almost in tears. I felt like screaming. So I'm writing a song.
Wish me luck, I'll post a cover on here when its done.


So, this is my page on Facebook. Its pretty new, but damn awesome :D<3<3<3

Sleepover, Conventional Weapons, and Recruitment<3

Okay, so everyone's excited about Conventional Weapons. So am I, my hands are shaking like crazy as I'm typing. I cried when I read Franks post :'). omgomgomgomg, aah!<3<3
Also, me and my friends are having a sleepover tonight, one who happens to hate MCR until recently, when she heard Na Na Na. She asked me to lend her some CD's so she could listen to them. She's only ever listened to pop, so should I tell her to start with Danger Days, then work her way up to TBP, then Revenge, Then Bullets?

Killjoys Making Noise

Yeah, like this? Its a page by moi et mon copain <3<3<3 merci!<3
yeah, speaking french like a bilingual bitch ;o<3
Em xoxoxo