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Anyone want to do a story with me?

It would just be in messages. Except the people who are already doing stories with me lol.

I feel like i'm have the worst day

I feel like no one cares. I ccan't stand myself. My mom keeps asking me whats wrong but whats the point in telling her she wonn't understand. I can't take this i'm leaving for a while!

More old Pictures

Pictue 1: Ashley & I

Picture 2: Me deep in thought missing home when I was in Conneticut

Picture 3: Just me in my room

More pictures

Here are some more old pics that I like.

Picture 1. My best friend Ashley & I after we got our friendship tattoo

Picture 2. Some of my senior pictures

Picture 3. More senior pictures

These pictures are some of my best memories!


These are some of my favorite old pictures of me!!Thought I'd share:)

It's 2:09 AM and I'm wide awake

Anyone want to chat??

need someone to talk to

Just relapsed...couldn't take the pressure. I don't even want to tell anyone so i don't even know why im posting just lost i guess...Welcome To My Life by Simple Plan is exactly how I feel

Is anybody up

Anyone want to chat?

Pissed off & upset

I'm so upset and sad right now. I just want to lock myself in my room for weeks and just sleep and talk to my lonely self. I really hate my life right now!!

Happy birthday Mikey:):)

Hope you have a great day & thanks for inspiring me & of course everybody in My Chem!!!

Emily aka Sunshine Slaughter