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Also something that would make me happy and put a :) on my face

I know I already posted this, but I feel like reblogging this and see what people think. If it bothers anyone, sorry and please let me know thanks!

Is if you would comment on one of the pictures of me, maybe telling me which one is your favorite, or just commenting them. Would make my day! You don't have to comment if you already did, but if you want to again that's fine.
Sunshine Slaughter

Just wanted to say thank you!!!

I wanted to thank ALL of you guys/killjoys for being my 2nd family!! You guys really do help me alot through my problems! I'm just so happy and gratefull that I don't even know what to say...thank you doesn't even express how thankfull I am! Anyways thanks guys & I ♥ you all! Also I'm hear for anyone who needs help~! I'm glad to help like you guys help me! So if anyone needs a ear..I'm right here!!
Signing off (Even though I'll be on all night lol)
Sunshine Slaughter~

Just going to go curl in my bed

And cry myself to sleep..and drift into a place where i can be happy and do anything.

I need to vent

I'm stressed, scared, & worried. Can someone please message me...

My 2nd Family

I just want to say thank you all so much! You guys truly are my second family. The only people I can express my feelings/sadness/frustrations with and not be judged! There's a couple people I want to say thank you too:
-Ravan VanSlaughter
-Dreaming of MCR
-Love n Razorblades
-I Love MCR.
Without you guys I wouldn't be here!! All the rest of you too. These are just some of the people that have been really helping me out lately!!
Sunshine Slaughter


If anyone wants to chat message me or add me on Facebook!/emily.tielens

Sunshine Slaughter

I need advice, please help.

If u read my last blog , you will understand why. My ex still wants me to talk to him and be friends, should I after what he did? Thanks for your help, love u guys!!!

i don't think I'll ever be able to fall in love again:(

The last 2 break-ups have been extremely hard for me. This last one especially since it's been the longest one I've ever had 1 year & 9 months! We broke up a couple weeks ago. But today I woke up to a phone call from my best friend (which my ex was her brother, she set us up) saying that he stole jewerly from my parents and pawned it. Also he got me a engagement well my mom paid for most of it cuz he couldn't come up with the money, but I lost it a while back for a day or so. I looked everywhere for it. Couldn't find it and he always gave me a guilt trip about it. Turns out HE HAS IT!

Deciding to do one of these, cuz I'm bored

1) Height? 5'3 (Yea i'm short, all my friends are taller than me, my 14 year old sister is even almost.)
2) Virgin? I don't think anyone really needs to know that.
3) Shoe size? 9
4) Sexual orientation? Straight but sometimes I think i'm bi
5) Do you smoke? no
6) Do you drink? Yes on occasion
7) Do you take drugs? Yes, for anxiety, depression, panic attacks, & seizures
8) Age you get mistaken for? Not sure really, maybe 18
9) Have tattoos? Yes 3 so far
10) Want tattoos? A couple more wouldn't hurt. Next 1 is definetly going to be a MCR one:)
11) Have piercings? Used to
12) Want piercings? Yes


My sister hates me my dad hates me! I hate my life. There's nothing in it for me, IM DONE! Thanks to everybody on here who has helped me I love you all!

xoxo emily