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Update to all my friends

I was supposed to get surgery yesterday on the side of my head. They rescheduled it to the 9th. I'll update when it's done. I also have surgery for a different thing kinda for the same reason this is going to happen on the 3rd, so I'm nervous for that.. but we'll see how it goes. Thanks for your support guys!! Oh and what a great start to the new years with someone PRANK calling me, it's really really pissing me off so my phone's off!

"The night goes on as I'm fading away"...

Just how i'm feeling at the moment.


Well I hope everyone has a wonderful day! My day started out awesome My little sister made me a huge MCR POSTER that I can't stop staring at like a stupid person but i dont care cuz I'M HAPPY!!! She also got me a MCR shirt I also got a mcr cd but I already have that one so I might exchange it for one I don't have!

To Every Enemy

This is a old picture of me for you! Anyways Thank you so much for helping me these last couple days. You are such an amazing person! I just wanted to thank you and say how much I love and care about you!!!! Thanks for caring and being my friend. I ♥ you!!!!
Sunshine Slaughter

Mixed emotions

I don't know exactly how to feel..I feel kinda numb i guess. I just got a call from the doctor saying that I could possibly have cancer..I have to go in on the 31st for surgery to make sure they remove it all. I don't know i'm scared and nervous and feel a little sad.

This sucks...think im getting sick

Okay for the past 3 hours I can't stop shaking. I took a hot shower that helped until i got out. Okay today I got the flu shot, i also had to get 2 moles removed to check for cancer kinda nervous cuz that's how my mom had cancer. The cuts are itching and burning so bad. Before they removed the moles I forgot to tell them that i got the flu shot today, do you think that would have something to do with it. For the past 3 hours I cant stop shaking I have a turtleneck and a robe on and i'm wrapped in a blanket, I feel dehydrated, my cuts itch, and my whole body aches.

The end is coming

I can feel it. that's all.

Really bored..Anyone want to do a story with me??

Besides the people I'm already doing stories with. It would only be in messages. So message me if your interested or want to. Thanks:)

Anyone up to talk...

It's currently 6:36 in the morning & I can't fall asleep and really bored. Would love to meet new people!!

Sorry but I can't contain my excitment

I'm so so so so so happy!!!! My Life On The Murder Scene came in the mail today and then my mom let my get the MCR pack of songs on my guitar hero. Yea yea your probably thinking how stupid guitar hero, well you know what I don't care. Eventually when I get enough money I'm going to get a guitar or bass and teach myself how to play but until then I can dream and pretend on guitar hero! Thanks for listening to me rant!