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Anyone want to chat??

Wow, it's bee forever!!

Anyone want to talk, message me.

Wow, it's bee forever!!

Anyone want to talk, message me.

I broke

That is all

Bored and can't sleep

Anyone up too talk?

Anyone on here have AS (Asperger Syndrome) or high functiong autism?

Just wondering because I think I have it and I've discussed it with my Mother and she also thinks so. I want to get diagnosed by a doctor for sure. This has had a big I think (negative) impact on my life. I just feel all alone and would love to talk to someone who feels or can relate to this. Thanks!
Keep running
Sunshine Slaughter A.K.A Em

Something to do to pass the time.


So here's what you do;
1.Go to your music player
2.Put it on shuffle
3.For each scene, press the next button and so on.

Here's what I got;

Opening credits: Nsync-Falling

Waking up: Linkin Park- With You

First Day of school: Jensen & Jared- Supernatural

Fighting: AFI- Girls Not Grey

Breaking Up: Aladdin- Arabian Night

Prom: Michael Jackson- You Rock My World

Life is good: Godhead- Penetrate

Mental Breakdown: Christina Milian- Am To Pm

Driving: Framing Hanley- Hear Me Now

Flashback: My Chemical Romance- The Light Behind Your Eyes

Making Up:

Anyone up to talk

I'm wide awake and can't sleep.

Anyone wanna chat??

Just bored and looking for some new friends to talk too!!

I can't stand being in my skin

I can't stand how I feel. All these negative/bad/sad emotions are coming to me at once. I'm my own worst enemy right now, and I CAN'T F***ING STAND IT!!! Just everything about me disgusts me right now. I feel like i'm going to go insane or crazy.. Why are nights (or at least tonight always bad) ever since my Dad passed nights have been so hard. I just wish I could stop this feeling. I wish I could be somebody else just for a day I don't care who, just someone else.