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My new board :D

For my bday I got a new board sooooooo excited for spring when I can ride it :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

My afternoon

Well today is a boring day to end my boring weekend. I am trying to make noodles. You know how guys say girls should stay in the kitchen...? Well not in my case lol I suck at cooking. It is Sunday and I still have some homework to do. Soon I will be going back to my dads. Back to the city where all my friends live

Anyne wanna talk??

Hai fellow members of the MCRMY anyone wanna message me?? I am really bored lol and I love talking to people who also love MCR because I never really get that privilage.
~Angel Freak

Someone told me they wanted me to post my speech :)

Animal Abuse
by: Emily Anne Pelchat

Have you ever stepped on an ant as if it was nothing? Why is that ant's life life worth any less than your"s or mine? People treat other living things as if we are worth more than them. Although they cannot speak, they are still crying on the inside when you treat them this way.

Today I will be touching on a very serious subject... animal abuse. Animal abuse is a huge problem around the world that needs to stop. Animals can feel pain too.Just like us they have hearts. Sometimes the animal hasn't done anything wrong.