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im going to watch life on the murderscene today:) <3333333 WOOW!!!!!!!


im busy with my exams.... so far its going pretty good... i hope ill pass and i get my diploma :)
and i cant wait to see pirates of the carribean 4...HELL YEAH!!
and besides studying im drawing alot <3333


Today is kinda fun washed the dogs and now i Im
drawing... Do you know anything to draw??? Xoxo

my weekend

saturday was kinda boring....... i spend one evening with people who i cant stand and who cant stand me. but at night it was fun looking at pictures of MCR<3333 and sunday (today) im at my best friends house and ofcourse we listend to mcr alot and we were looking at some nice videos of MCR. so OFCOURSE my weekend was good..... its always good when you can listen to MCR<333333
i love you killjoys(L) xoxo
and mikey is so cute<3333

Have to be ceative.

I have to be creative... Because Im Going to a new
school and i have to show some drawings. I dont got much
do you killjoys have any suggestions to draw xoxo


its so amzing to think about real great things. that happens all the time with me.
its great to know that MCR exists and you can listen to their music all the time to cheer you
up..... so Killjoys GO LISTEN TO MCR!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D

mcr is the best ^^ for sure

this day is a day that the sun shines and you think about mcr and the concert youve been to ^^ i think every day about mcr but today its extra i dont know why!! hihihi