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my best friend?

im best friends with my best friend for 11 years... suddenly i cant talk to her anymore like i usually did..
she feels like a stranger to me sometimes... then i think why do you aks me how i am??? i dont want to tell
you... But the thing is i just cant tell her... and she never asks whats wrong... or never see´s if somethings wrong... its have been realy bothering me...that im feeling this way about her..
just ONE question... did you ever had the same problem and how did you fixed it????????
xo THANKS <3

best things to do list :)

someone wrote a things to do list for me :
listen music
listen music
High 5!
listen to music THE REST OF THE DAYY!!!!!!!
LOL just felt like sharing


IM FINALLY DYING MY HAIR.... ITS GONNA BE A SURPRISE >< LOL.................. i dont know how its goin to be....

verry exited!!!

MY day :)

omgee i had to be at school for allready... but i havent been yet... i know i need to go...but
1. i had to go to a wedding
2. the day i had to go i got scared off and didnt went...
but tomorrow im gonna go!! i allready know that the kids are okay...
today i finally bought my hairdye... no i didnt dyed them yet. im going to do that tomorrow too...
im gonnna make them red again :'D
hope you all doing well!! MCR and the MCRmy keeps me going <3


i feel like a zombie gone back to life... i realy have trouble sleeping but everytime its morning im realy happy everything seems like im dreaming ^^ its weird... I LOVE YOU MCRmy!!! <3

happy anniversary



we all should be happy now its gee´s and lynz´s anniversary!! thats realy sweet!! they are realy made for eachother<3


i went to school today for the first time in 3 and a half was okay and the poeple in my class are okay too... they dont like MCR but they dont tell me they dont like them all the time... but that i was able to be on twitter all day at school was what actaully made me happy... i still could talk to the MCRmy <3 jej!!!! i love you and you all make me happy!!! <3 xo


i know ive just post a blog like 3 seconds ago!! but i want to blof every day now!! :) and send respond to ooollloooot of killjoys <3 xo

school -.-

im starting school tomorrow.... a taotally new one. with all new kids and stuff.. im just worried that ill be the outsider again... and nobody gonna likes me... well i guess new school new chances!! right?? wish me goodluck... and all who went to school again or still have to GOODLUCK!! <3