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My Chemical Romance = Happiness =)

Just watch radio 1's big weekend and mcr were fucking amazing so when it finished i was super happy and went and looked in the miror and relised i was wearing my black parade my chemical romance t shirt and now i am super super fucking happy!!! i dont even remember putting it on ! it was a purly great mcr moment my happiness level is out the roof =) x

disenchanted (love it)
WE have moved down a place!!!
vote vote vote !!
you can vote more than once iv been voting everyday come on we can do this !!!!!

omg !!!

omg Alan from lostalone just tweeted me =)=)=)=)=)=)=) !!!!!!!!!

Alan "porridge and banana - A real man's breakfast (for lunch). x"
Me "@AlanTWilliamson take out the banana and swop the porridge for coco pops =) thats what you call a breakfast x"
Alan "@Emaaah13 I do love Coco Pops but porridge wins. x

=) !!! x

Radio 1 big weekend

did anyone else apply for tickets to radio 1 big weekend ?
if you did , did you get a email Clarifying that you entered?
and have you had a email saying if you got tickets or not ?
cus i didn't get any of this and i think you were ment to =(
so sad im going to get to see mcr =( !!!!



LET the Party begin !!!

SO today is my birthday and im 17 =) woo ....
so it was ment to be the world shitest birthday every ( not including last year when my dad was in hospital ) but anyway it was ment to be shit cus my parents left me to go to a wedding is spain,my brothers at uni and can't come home and my only friend forgotton =( but she just rang me even tho we havent spoke in weeks and she made me very happy she said " be redy in a hour im coming round , iv got the vodka and the cake lets get fucked " so let the party begin =) x

VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

which band has the best fans
30 seconds to mars

well its use ovs !!!

Birthdays !!

OK gee's birthday is today and this is very close to mine which is on the 13th so some how i feel like their kinda the same day even tho their clearly not lol =). never mind but there is a kid at my work thats birthday is the 9th as well so i bored him to death by try to exsplain who gerard way was and why he should give a shit that they shared the same birthday ( it wasn't easy he was 4). but any way i hope gerard has a good day unlike my will be =( i shall be all alonneee... lol i knew it was going to happen i have warnning , my parents are going away to a wedding for week today and my