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Valentines day !

I HATE Valentines day its has always been a pointless holiday for me as i have never had a boyfriend, but i know alot off people are very happy in relationships this time of year so i have decided to make some Valentines day badges to sell on my website . I can't think of any other ideas for badges so if anyone has any ideas message me or comment =) also check out my site and tell me what you think! Thank you =)
forbidden 13

I might do a photography course !?

what do you think of my pictures i took them when i was in a moving car though a window so they could have been abit better ! Oh well =)

Hello guys !

So i posted a blog yesturday saying how i set up this website selling badges and its crazy how people have actually viewed my site and 2 lovely people from have told me they will buy something ahhhhhh ! its so cool =). well the point is i just spent all tonight making killjoys badges and they are now Officially on my site and for sell =) im so happy aha, Sadly i am only shipping to uk at the moment but that will be changing soon but have a look at my site please and send me a message or comment about anything i can improve on!
(btw i know i only


Ok so I dropped out of college in september because i basically am scared of being in big crowds of people, and i have spent the last couple months trying to deside what i was going to do with my future and now i have just set up my own website !!!! it's really cool i am only sell 1 product so far and we only ship to the uk but if any of you killjoys out there have a spare moment check out my website . I am selling badges, you can get any letter you want and in 9 different colours so if you guys like ( you don't have to by the way) you could buy a badge!

LOSTALONE !!! ( have a listen ) x

I found my second love in the world at a My chemical Romance concert and they name is Lostalone !!! i think they are a little different but they have great vocies and are really nice guys they have tweeted me like 10 times because they care about their fans hehe =).
Thank You Gerard way for loving this band and letting them support you because if you didn't i would have never found them =) x

Why was i created at all !?!?!

i feel so shit and depressed and the sad thing is i have been feeling like this for ages i have just be pretending that i am happy and then i will relise how shit my life is and go back to being depressed, and i am not like these people on here who are just going though teenage emotions and not fitting in at school which leads to depression ( and is still very bad but it tends to get better with age). i am going though My life is shit depression because i have no life and i mean NO LIFE i have spent the last year at home beening depressed i don't go to school because i am 17 and i don't go


They just started winning!!!
btw if you take a 5 minute break after every 30 votes it stops you getting blocked as fast i voted 115 times =) then got blocked =( !!!
vote vote vote vote


My bestfriend in the world is braking down she has gone mental because shes so despressed( cus her and her boyfriend broke up and they were basically an engaged couple, and she has alway been abit fucked up) and she keeps running away in the middle of the night and seriously if she was given a painless way to kill herself she would =( I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO !!!!!!
I would not be able to live life without her, but i hate to see her in so much pain.
God why is life soooo hard !!!!

Were Winning !!!!!

Keep voting !!!
only 6 hours left !!
come on killjoys =) keep voting !!!!